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Dhin Wolf

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Shapeshifter - Wolf

by Anna Podedworna


New to the vnou and their plane of existence are the wolves of Iskiriy. Introduced through a strange supernatural phenomenon, the wolves initially are seen as monsters. Dhin, or beyond wolves, when they change shape between something similar to vnou - human - and their natural wolf shape. Dhin wolf are still larger than their natural counterparts and vnou can feel the mental difference between the two. Dhin have a presence to them that nothing else, not even other vnou, have. A sort of mental weight or pressure that sensitive enough vnou will instantly be able to track.


Iskiriy, and the world it is on, is in a state of dangerous flux while it is terrorized by what the wolves have simply called nightmares. They are an invasive, parasitic thing from beyond that infested their home, seeking to consume everything. Moving from one reality, one plane of existence to the next, the nightmares have caused a sort of instability on the wolve's home that has caused their world to mesh and overlap in areas of the vnou world. These areas are places of foggy, dense forest where it is neither night nor day. All sense of direction is skewed with a heavy chill that lingers in the air, no matter the weather or season of the surrounding area. Whether someone exits these areas of instability in the wolf's world or the vnou's is utterly random.
by Taylor Wright
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