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The Desert of Harq'nar

"The Desert of Harq'nar is an abysmal place. The sands stretch to the horizon and beyond. There is no shade and water is rare, and is as precious as gold for the Alsafar and the Qatal'Ramali Tribes. These people are insane to make their homes in such a horrible mind-rending place. The caravans travel along routes that take them from oasis to oasis. But I can not imagine the madness induced by the beating sun and ever changing dunes." ~Azmi al-Abdul


According to ancient records, the Desert of Harq'nar wasn't always the waterless wasteland it is today. It was formerly a lush grassland and had countless species dwelling inside its borders. The Qatal'Ramali will tell you that their ancestors ruled the Harq'nar but then King Behzad angered Mehran, the nature god and he swept all the plants from the ground and brought the sun closer to the earth which burned the soil, making it sand.

Fauna & Flora

The Harq'nar is mostly devoid of life, though the Khasib River Valley is an exception. Camels are used by the nomadic tribes as mounts and pack animals due to their strength and ability to survive the harsh landscape. Small rodents (such as the Hyrax) survive by burrowing deep beneath the sands or hide in rocky crevices to escape the sun. There are the various cat species such as the Sand Cat (which according to the Qatal'Ramali, who share a striking resemblance to the Sand Cat, are the spirits of their ancestors), and the Harq'nar Cheetah. Ostriches are found in the northern regions along with the Addax Antelope. One of the most dangerous creatures that lurks among the dunes is the Giant Deathstalker Scorpion. The Giant Deathstalker is a known threat for the caravans that travel in the Harqnar.

Natural Resources

Even though the Desert of Harq'nar isn't the most fertile of places there is one plant that grows in the desert that has immense value, the Sand Rose. The Sand Rose is known for its near supernatural healing properties.
Alternative Name(s)
Harq'nar, The Endless Sands, The Dune Sea
Inhabiting Species

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