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"The lessons learned here made us stronger. May it be so for all our future challenges as well."
Valor is a planet within the Terran Dominion and is considered one of its core worlds. Valor was the first extraterrestrial colony settled by Terrans and as such holds a prominant position within the Terran popular conciousness as an important step in their journey to becoming a galactic power.


Valor's geography is quite similar to that of Terra itself prior to the cataclysm. The planet has a nitrogen-rich atmosphere with sufficient oxygen and carbon dioxide to support a stable biosphere.


With the exception of Terrans themselves, Valor's ecosystem is almost entirely native to the planet itself as the Terran Dominion had few surviving species from their homeworld to transplant there. That said, the Terrans did undertake a substantial effort to domesticate useful lifeforms for use as livestock, crops, and medicine. The ecosystem that was not selected for domestication faced rapid depopulation as Terrans overhunted and overlogged. Thankfully the planet's ecosystem has begun to recover somewhat as the Terrans have made more conserted efforts to preserve it. The initial destruction of the ecosystem is often sited as an important lesson the Terrans learned as they took their first steps in colonial expansion.


Valor is cooler than Earth Standard, averaging a surface temperature of 14 degrees Celsius.

Natural Resources

Valor has a wealth of valuable alloys within its crust which has led to it becoming a major industrial world within the Dominion. Nearly all ships within the Dominion fleet are built from alloys forged in the fires of one of Valor's many factories.
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