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Vandria is the Chaos Plane and realm of Vandr, the God of Chaos. It is ridden with volcanoes, fire, lava, sand, desert, and all other sorts of amorphous landscapes. Its denizens are each born with some kind of innate power; pyromancer, electromancy, frost, necromancy, or other such abilities.   Its residents include–but are not limited to–tieflings, chaos angels, goblinoids, and followers of Vandr. Everyone who dwells in Vandria is subject to Vandr's wrath and sworn to serve him uncompromisingly.   Vandria is full of destruction brought on by the unfettered powers and abilities of its denizens. One must adapt to survive, and, if one does not, they will be consumed by the ever-present Chaos of this plane of existence.


Vandria is full of shifting, amorphous landscapes. There are vast rolling deserts full of dunes being blown about by the wind; an homage to constant change. There are volcanic mountains constantly bleeding fire and brimstone; a testament to the destruction of nature. There are strange and unknowable landscapes as well; ones comprised of the darkest thought brought to life and manifested to those experiencing it. Tying everything together is the Castle Dremek, the stronghold of Vandr himself. It can only be found by someone surrendering fully to the Chaos of this plane of existence, even if for just a moment.


The Council of Chaos is the governing body of Vandria. It is in of itself a joke; Chaos has no master, therefore the Council merely exist as puppets to Vandr's will. The Council directly enacts Vandr's edicts, and they are comprised of Vandr's most devout followers. Some are native to Vandria, and others have achieved the honor by serving Vandr well in the Material Plane. The Council of Chaos answers only to Vandr and to the avatar of Vandr.   Below the Council of Chaos is their militia, the Darkfire Order. This fighting force is comprised of those who have honed their innate Chaotic abilities to their utmost degree. They are masters of destruction and discord, and seek to carry out the will of Vandr via the orders of the Council. The Order enforces Chaos and crushes any hints of Order seeping into the society present in Vandria.   Under the Darkfire Order are the citizens of Vandria. There is no major cluster of domiciles, townships, or cities, there is merely the Chaos. Homes are scattered across the landscape, and those who live there toil to survive. Most try to live long enough to make it into the Order and, maybe someday, the Council if they are deemed worthy. Few make it.

Ecosystem Cycles

There are constant, unpredictable cycles of rainstorms, volcanic eruptions, sandstorms, and blizzards in Vandria. They accompany the shifting geography of the Chaos Plane by in turn adding to the Chaos. There are brief respites from these storms, but most who live in Vandria must dress accordingly.    The rainstorms are fewer in number; the fire and volcanic landscapes negate their cooling, but the lightning that accompanies the rain is destructive and sudden. The Volvanic eruptions can happen at any time, destroying and rebuilding the very land on which the lava flows. The sandstorms blast and erode the structures hastily built by people looking to survive. The blizzards are also fewer in number, but they freeze the sparse water sources and make survival all the more difficult.   Those who adapt are those that survive. Waiting for a calm in the storm is not always an option, and could be the difference between life and death.

Localized Phenomena

The lightning strikes from rainstorms in Vandria can cause a number of phenomena:
  1. Sand in the deserts turning to glass
  2. Chunks of volcanic rock being blasted from the rocky growths and crashing into various things
  3. Landslides
  Sandstorms can interact adversely with different conditions as well:
  1. Sandstorms coming into contact with the intense heat from volcanic activity can cause them to turn to glassy shrapnel instilling major injuries on anyone caught in the storm
  2. Sandstorms becoming saturated with rainstorm water can become thicker and wet, resulting in painful sand clumps creating welts and bruises on individuals braving the storm
  Lava and brimstone interacting with various conditions can be equally harmful:
  1. Airborne lava coming into contact with a rainstorm could cause a quickly cooling coat of liquid rock to encase an individual, suffocating them
  2. Airborne lava coming into contact with a blizzard could result in the lava quickly solidifying into chunks of rock that could cause injury and concussion


The Firedrell is mostly warm; they contain the majority of the Chaos Plane's volcanic activity. It is one of the most unpredictably destructive territories in Vandria. Anyone choosing to live here must be comfortable with constant heat, warm temperatures, and black, cloudy skies.   The Avishari Sands are dry, arid, and prone to sandstorms. There is a marked lack of heat, almost like a desert stuck in perpetual night. The temperatures are remarkably cold and prone to blizzards. It is extremely devoid of moisture and presents a particular challenge for survival.   The Shifting is the largest portion of Vandria; its landscape dependent on the thoughts, emotions, and desires of those willing to brave it. It has the most diverse climate as it is subject to change and manifest a multitude of possibilities. The Shifting has the most potential to provide water sources, food, stability, and also destructive evils that could only be imagined in one's darkest thoughts.

Fauna & Flora

  1. Darkflower, Eoduun kkor: a flower resembling a rose but with the hue of nightshade. Has healing and magical properties.
  2. Firebracken, Bul gosali: a wiry root plant that pulsates with a Chaotic energy. Has pyromantic properties.
  3. Galltree, Damejub namu: a tall, white tree with branches resembling arms, and a twisted, gnarled face in its trunk. The sap within has magical properties and is used in divination, scrying, and hexes.
  1. Hexen, Agma saengmul: tall, spindly creatures with shriveled faces and long claws. They prowl the different landscapes fo the Chaos Planes seeking prey. They are just as likely to pretend to be a tree as to skewer you and eat you alive.
  2. Saadfae, Janiat alzili: dark fae creatures banished from the Feywild to the Chaos Plane. They seek to sow destruction in place of mischief and will attempt to lead unwary travelers to their deaths.

Natural Resources

The Avishari Sands contain sand, glass, and the occasional water source. The Firedrell is full of volcanic rock, metal ores, and fertile land for farming. The Shifting is an almost limitless resource; it can contain nearly anything given what individuals and groups successfully manifest.


In the time following the banishment of the Forbidden Ones and all Forbidden knowledge, the different planes of existence were divided up amongst the Gods of Chaos, Order, and Balance. Vandria–previously Cthol'M'oc–was claimed by Vandr after the Lord of Chaos fell in love with its shifting landscapes, chaotic climates, and war-torn civilizations. He reshaped in in his image and made it a realm wher Chaos could thrive, destroy, create, and destroy again.


Tourism is not a booming industry in Vandria due to the Chaos Plane's inherent deadliness.
Alternative Name(s)
The Chaos Plane, The Shifting, The Desert of Flame
Plane of Existence
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