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Vandr, God of Chaos

Vandr is the God of Chaos in the Church of Divine Balance. He is the greater god at the head of the Chaos Pantheon, lording over Striith, the Goddess of War, and Mjor, the God of Wealth and Greed.    Vandr dwells in his own Chaos Plane and illicits the help of mortals to enact his will in the Material Plane. He chooses an avatar to most directly enact his will, often someone who has experienced much tumult, despair, and hardship. His favored mortals are the ones who have given themselves over to his Chaos and embraced it most fully.    He is mortal enemies with Vel, the Goddess of Order. The two are locked in an eternal stalemate, always trying to gain the upper hand over the other. Vandr would do anything to wrest control of the mortal realms from his enemies, but is bound to his Chaos Plane by an ancient pact devised by magic of old. He awaits the day that he can return to the Material Plane and enact his revenge.

Divine Domains

Chaos, tempests, evil, ruin, death, spontaneity, sorcerers, necromancers, warlocks, goblins, tieflings, bugbears, lizardfolk


The Hand of Vandr, the Chaos Blade

Holy Books & Codes

The Book of Chaos, A Guide to Vandros, the Tome of Arcane Balance

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Two triangles joined by an arrow pointing downward

Tenets of Faith

Chaos is the only constant in a universe of entropy. Those who seek order do so at the risk of their own folly; to try and tame the sea is a fool's errand. Those who give themselves over fully to chaos find true freedom, spontaneity, and ruthless tranquility. Vandr is the Source of Chaos, and he only gives his gifts to this with a true disposition for discord.


  1. Tridas, a remembrance of the Three Days of Darkness during the Great Sundering
  2. Darkfire, a holiday celebrated only by the Vandrosi Cult in honor of the Chaos that fills Vharthos
  3. Day of the Divines, a celebration of all nine gods in the Vharthosi Pantheon

Divine Goals & Aspirations

  1. Eliminating the agents of Order to establish an age of unbridled Chaos
  2. Causing strife, war, famine, and disease wherever he can
  3. Granting power and abilities to those who would act as his servants or avatar in the Material Plane
Divine Classification
He, him, she, her, they, them
Male, Female, Neither
Nonbinary, genderfluid
Masculine, Feminine, Androgynous
Glowing, red, burning, orbs, shifting, amorphous
Long, dark red, loose, flowing, flamelike
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
180 lbs
Ruled Locations


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