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Meister is a professional title awarded in recognition of one's years and quality of work. To be given the title is a mark of professionalism and quality to one's work.


When considering candidates for the title, guilds will typically look at said candidates' history and performance with them to gauge their aptitude as a Meister. However, the exact criteria being looked at can vary greatly depending on the guild.   For instance, the Artificer's Guild would look at one's project history as well as any innovation or inventions they have contributed to.   The medical guilds, however, might require an exam of the candidate's knowledge and expertise before allowing promotion.


Most guilds require at least ten years of work/training before someone can be considered for the title.


Guilds usually hold an annual ceremony for announcing newly promoted Meisters to their ranks.    These ceremonies are typically conducted in the local guild hall as celebratory affairs.


Meisters are required to take on apprentices for training as well as list said apprentices and their contributions to any projects they have contributed to.    However, an apprentice's name and contributions may be struct from the record if misconduct is found on the part of said apprentice.


The title of Meister is considered a mark of quality and professionalism in their trade. Establishments baring the title and its mark are therefore much more sought after than their lower ranked peers.   Additionally, Meisters receive a stipend from their guild to offset the costs of their apprentices.

Accoutrements & Equipment

Meisters are allowed to display their guild's symbol for the title in advertisements for their business.   Additionally, they are given ornamentation to reflect their title at formal events. The specific ornamentation is determined by the respective guild, ranging from a unique medallion pinned to one's coat to formal robes.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

A Meister can lose their title if they are found guilty of misconduct. How severe said misconduct must be to warrant demotion or outright dismissal from the guild varies depending on the guild with lesser charges more likely to result in probation.
Form of Address
Alternative Naming
Source of Authority
The title of Meister is awarded by the respective Guild and its council.

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