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Church of Lothny (Loth-nee)

A religious sect that emphasizes that one's worth is found in how they learn and cultivate their skills.   As such, it is common for followers of the faith to reject magic and the importance that is typically placed on it in Vestria as wielding it is not a 'learnable' skill and instead something that one is either born with or not.

Tenets of Faith

The Lothian faith promotes the ideals of hard work, discipline, and study, proclaiming that man can achieve any skill and personal improvement through effort and dedication.   Meanwhile magic and its usage are strongly discouraged with it considered a path towards arrogance and corruption.


Teaching is considered a very admirable profession in Lothian circles, both in academics (reading, writing, and mathematics) and professional (apprenticeships).   Magic is, at best, dismissed as an unimportant trait in a person as it is not a 'learnable' ability and instead something one is either born with or not. At worst, magic is seen as inviting disaster, leading many followers to hold mages in contempt.

Political Influence & Intrigue

The Church of Lothny's stance against magic made it a key asset during The Northern Secession, allowing the northern nobles to legitimize they're breaking away from Calios.   Since then, Lothian doctrine has steadily gained more traction as the new nation shifted towards industrial advancement over magic. Coupled between that and the residual anti-magic rhetoric following the Secession, mages have since fallen quite far in their standing in society.   This attitude towards magic seems to have also influenced interactions between Human followers and Elves, given the latter's high affinity with magic.
Religious, Organised Religion
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