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"Charm, at it's most fundamental level, is building a sense of trust between one's self and another. Be it between friends, comrades, or even lovers, trust is what allows one to feel at ease, to believe that they will not be harmed or mislead. With enough trust, one will ignore what is right in front of them or call evil good simply because someone close to them tells them so."


The target becomes affected by either ingesting food or drink that has been spiked with a potion to induce a charmed state or by coming in physical contact with the caster. Pieces of jewelry such as rings, hair pins, and necklaces can also be imbued with a charming spell to affect the wearer.


A charmed person feels a deep sense of trust towards another person. If the charm was induced via potion, then the trusted party would be the first person the victim sees and communicates with. If the charm was cast through physical contact, then the caster becomes the one who is trusted.   Depending on how strong the charm is, the level and persistency of the trust can range from an inexplicable confidence to blind faith. If the object of trust is the type of person the victim would be romantically attracted to (gender, sexuality, general personality, etc.), then the charm can induce romantic feelings.


Curing a person under the effects of a charm varies depending on the strength of the charm. For weaker instances, separating the victim from the object of their trust can be enough to snap them out of it. If a stronger charm is placed on a person, measures such as Dispel Magic may be needed.   If a person as been under the influence of a charm for long periods of time, undoing the charm can become a complicated process as the trust as been ingrained into the victim's mind even after the charm itself has been removed.


Spells and potions that induced charmed states were once rather popular amongst merchants and even the nobility, though using them was almost always a secret affair. However, this practice came to an end after a Calian diplomat used a powerful charm to seduce the daughter of high-ranking Svylt noble family. The scandal nearly sparked a war between the two countries as well as domestic upheaval with similar incidents coming to light. However, conflict was avoided by Calios agreeing to execute the offending diplomat as well as a treaty between the countries outlawing the production of charming potions and the use of charming spells. Given the gravity and number of their misuses, violating the laws could warrant life in prison or even death.

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