The Reveler


On the surface, Rian is the Crann of debauchery. In reality, he is far more than that; he is the raw embodiment of unabashed desire, urges, irrational or otherwise. Those few that know this side often liken to him representing madness itself, though the God of drink often prefers to settle for a far more appealing title than one embodying insanity.

Many of his worshipers follow the mantra of keeping the erratic side under ropes, though the truth of the matter is simple. Rian embodies everything that is done on some mad whim. He is that voice that urges people to let go of inhibitions and indulge in drink or intoxicants. That itch in the finger to unload a bullet at somebody that has infuriated you. He is the raw, unbridled and uncensored world that can quickly be flipped upside down at the flick of a finger. This aspect of him is well hidden, though his followers are often eager to follow this self-serving mantra and hope to one day find freedom



Rian is often depicted as a notably tall and androgynous Satyr. He has long, wild hair, though the most notable trait are his bright green eyes, said to glow even when beneath the light.

Divine Domains

Rian is often associated with revelry and partying. He is the Crann that watches over festivities and celebrations. Elafi or Sylvan look towards him when they wish to have a particularly eventful or exciting celebration to look forward to. Despite that, there are a few other important aspects to Rian that his followers like preaching. Above all is Freedom. Rian wishes for everyone to live uninhibited, and live a joyful life that is free from any limit that would hinder their own personal desire.

Despite this seemingly noble cause, one can not ignore a crucial part about Rian; he is the raw embodiment of Chaos. Some may even go so far to label him as the God of Madness; though such a title isn't one that the Reveler often takes too kindly to. The truth of the matter is that Rian is the physical manifestation of anarchy. He's the voice that urges people to snap, but is also that guiding hand that helps bring them happiness and joy. All in all, Rian is typically worshiped as a party deity and is seen as a lord of revelry.

Holy Books & Codes

Rian's followers are not the bookish types. They prefer word of mouth and action moreso than words. Despite that, there is a piece of parchment that is said to be written by Rian himself. Crann, being physical manifestations, are capable of interacting as humans do with the world.

Don't be boring.

Have a Drink.

I really don't want you to be like those guys that worship Aine. Just enjoy yourself and hit the bad guys that stop you from enjoying yourself.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Rian's symbol is a garland of red, white, and purple roses, woven over prickly, blushing thorns. Sometimes, the thorns are depicted to be dripping with wine or blood. As with most Crann, Rian also has his own personal runic symbol written in Fianni


Rian, as with most Crann, has an associated holiday. His begins right at the end of Winter, and is often simply called Spring day to celebrate the changing of the season. As a God of Festivals, it would only make sense for his associated holiday to include a feast and festival like no other. Spring day has a few notable processions and practices, as follows:

--Stuffed Triducken: The stuffed Triducken is simple. A chicken, stuffed into a duck, which is then stuffed into a cockatrice.

--The Springday Gambit: The Gambit is a small building that is walled off from the rest of the celebration. It is where revelers are free to do whatever they like with no limit or restraint placed upon them. The only rule that must be followed is no killing; but even so, brawls and fights are almost to be expected within the gambit.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

There is no true goal of Rian himself, though one of his most profound cults, known as The Strangers, are an ever-shifting band of freedom fighters that gather together whenever they feel the need to fight for a common cause. Their primary goal is to liberate the world and create a safe haven for everyone to coexist and thrive, rather than survive.

Divine Classification
Chaotic Neutral
The Elafi
The Strangers


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