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Aine ((Ay-n))

Lord of Hope

Aine is the predominant deity followed by many of the humans throughout the world of Veska. He is their creator God, believed to have fashioned them within his own image whilst instilling a mortal will that allows them to triumph through raw belief alone. While Aine himself is often not seen as a deity that can be interacted with directly, he is often accredited for the miracles and blessings that he can bestow upon mankind in their time of need.   These miracles are carried by those that are truly faithful for him; devout and fervent worshipers find that they are capable of performing divine magic through nothing more than raw belief and faith in Aine alone.

Divine Domains

Aine is often associated with Hope, Faith, and in some circumstances, Light. A testament to Aine's worship is that his followers manage to overcome seemingly insurmountable odds through nothing more than raw belief alone. Miracles, as they are. A cleric may whimper solemn prayers whilst a cave collapses and leaves a rain of rocks showering upon their head, only to find that all the rocks are miraculously left falling around him.   Holy Water is an important mirror to this. It is not the silver they lace into the tincture, but the belief that it will bring harm to those that it protects against.


Holy Water: Aine's will, bottled into a tincture meant to fuel life itself. Holy Water is nothing more than powdered silver mixed in with water, and yet when created by a priest, those that apply it find that it miraculously sears the flesh of undead or all manner of nightmares deemed as 'the enemy' of the Church.   The Mask of Aine: A featureless silver mask. The mask of Aine is an ancient relic that is only mentioned in mythos, and has not been found by the Church, though they are fond of using imagery to depict it. Aine is said to have walked among mankind, subtly helping and guiding them whilst keeping himself under the guise of his silver mask. The mask is said to cause the wearer to blend perfectly into a surrounding crowd, looking as nothing more than a mere commoner.   Everflowing Chalice: A chalice that Aine gave to a homeless pygmy. While the mask still remains hidden, the Chalice is a relic that the Church proudly keeps. It is believed that the owner of the chalice will find it filling with what they need most, so long as they genuinely require it to survive. It is often always filled with holy water.   Shroud of Aine: A white cloak of silk, said to be worn by Aine to further aid him in his disguise from the common man. This silken cloak is often seen as stained red; for Aine is said to ease the suffering of others by wiping away the blood, grime, and tears with its garment.

Holy Books & Codes

Finding Faith: Also simple called 'The Faith' or 'The Holy Faith'; Aine's holy text is a collection of various tales and myths that Aine is credited in orchestrating. It also guides followers into discovering their ability to believe, adapt, and overcome inhospitable conditions.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

A chalice; to represent the relic used by Aine to bestow upon beggars what they need the most. The mask is sometimes depicted above the chalice in artistic pieces.

Tenets of Faith

Stay stalwart. None shall shake the faith, and none shall shake you.
Believe in good. Miracles come to those that wish to sustain them, let your belief sustain them.
Guide others. Evil is a mark for the lost. Be the guide that shepherds the lost.
Hold faith in God. Faith rewards those that stay true to it.


Saint's Fall: A Holiday that takes place in the Llyneday of Sunfall. Saint's Fall is a commemorative holiday that marks the pilgrimage mankind initiated on leaving their homeland of Tregaron. During the feudal wars brought during those harrowing times, a Saint named Svallin lead his people on a pilgrimage, to the safety of Llyne.   A great feast is celebrated in memory of this pilgrimage, along with revelry -- it is not uncommon for many of Aine's faithful to wind up intoxicated from the massive amounts of wine they indulge in during the feast.   New Years: A simple holiday that celebrates the coming of a new year in the Svallin calendar.
Divine Classification
Neutral Good
Current Status
Aligned Organization


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