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Veska is a dark fantasy world that's placed within a setting reminiscent of the 1800s. It has mostly Gothic-Victorian scenes throughout the world and carries a somewhat grim and gritty atmosphere that is not for the faint at heart. Technology also adapted heavily with magic, meaning that certain parts of the world are much more advanced than others; while your standard sword and sorcery is very much possible throughout the world of Veska, you're just as likely to find a swashbuckling rogue or a daring pistolero.   Nautical themes permeate the setting, if only because the world itself is much more ocean than it is land. Many of the largest countries within Veska are only massive islands and nothing more, with the biggest exception being the size of Australia. Voyages are common and often long, for stray islands serve as the only respite for them outside of routine trips between the world powers.   Veska is a massive world; many things happen at once within its setting, and that's why this compilation is here for you to take a look at!