Tyrael, the Lucid Scale

The pillar of justice, protection, law, and equality, the Lucid Scale stands as a beacon to many paladins of order and good. The crest of the Lucid Scale adorns many halls of law and justice, his will expected present at all just judgments. To follow the teaching of the Lucid Scale is to look after those who cannot look after themselves.   During the Divine War in which the gods spilt blood across the lands of Verridia, it was the Lucid Scale who was chosen through honor and deed to be carried into battle aloft the wings of the Platinum dragon, Bahamut. Together, with the legions of platinum knights at their back, the Lucid Scale and the Platinum dragon defeated the soldiers of the Scaled Tyrant. Though Bahamut later fell in battle, the Lucid Scale would honor him by taking the visage of the great dragon to be his sigil.   This majestic being is often portrayed as a man of royal stature, clad in gleaming platinum armor. A helm adorned with the effigy of the platinum dragon and wings of pure silver cresting on either side rest atop his head.

Divine Domains

Light, Order, War

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Symbols or sigils of the Lucid Scale are often seen emblazoned on shields and armor, in the form of a brilliant platinum dragon head in profile.
Lucid Scale


The Lucid Scale's holy day is called Felltide and is celebrated on the first day of the eleventh month. This is a day of remembrance, solemnity, and respect to those who have fallen in the defense of others.
Divine Classification
Intermediate Deity
Lawful Good
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Platinum Dragon Lord, the Scaled Savior


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