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The Raven Queen

The Raven Queen, also known as "the Matron of Ravens", is a being of dark mystery and the mistress of winter, death, fate and doom. It is said that she was once a great queen of a long forgotten culture, whose people loved her more than they loved the gods, although her true name has been lost to time. Accomplished wizards talk about her in hushed tones, and with no small amount of fear, for even they can’t say what power she wields in her realms, too subtle for mortal minds to sense. One thing is for certain, her rise instantly ripped the previous, once-mortal god of death, asunder; reducing the unworthy to an abominous form of writhing tentacles and bursting pustules.    How this happened, none can say; any history of it was destroyed during the cataclysm that befell the mortal world. One theory, spoken only by the most devout of the Raven Queen's followers is that at the exact moment of the severing of the weave, the Matron of Ravens rose to claim dominion over death. However it happened, the other gods quickly and fearfully destroyed the secrets to the rites of ascension.       Rumors abound as to her current form, most coming from claims made by lunatics who have described an array of disturbing images: a terrible shadow that clawed at their innermost thoughts, a pale and regal elf who exploded into an untold number of ravens, a shambling tangle of slick roots and sticks that overwhelmed them with dread, or an unknown presence that pulled them screaming blindly into the gloom.   The Raven Queen's existence is focused on collecting memories and strong emotions, typically associated with loss and tragedy. To this end, she dispatches her ravens and shadar-kai to all corners of the multiverse to witness such events. Afterward, they collect mementos--such as trinkets, memories from the living and even the souls of the dead--to bring back to her.

Divine Domains

Life, Death, Grave

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Few, if any visual depictions of the Raven Queen herself exist, with many temples merely using the raven as a symbol of her blessing; adorning it upon pendants or tapestries.  
Raven Queen


The Raven Queen's holy day is known as Raven's Eye, celebrating her apotheosis. The actual date of the goddess's rise to divinity is unclear, but the Raven's Eye is nonetheless celebrated on the fifteenth day of the twelfth month. Many people treat this day as a blithesome affair, in which the honored dead are venerated with cheer, not misery.
Divine Classification
Greater Deity
Honorary & Occupational Titles
The Matron of Ravens, Dark Lady

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