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Greetings and Welcome

Stand Fast! My apologies I didn't hear you coming... Welcome to this world of Verra'Talu. My name is Pretia Vella Alva but to you I am Pretia. I have been tasked to guide you through this place. I am a veteran Wayfinder so I know my way around. if you need anything be sure to look for me, In the meantime I will allow you to glance at my Chronicles. Keep them safe, and keep constant watch against the cosmos. Now I must away, people are coming and it wouldn't do you well to be seen with me.

The World

Verra'Talu is a planet with a single shattered moon orbiting overhead. The moon is known as Luna the broken home to many of the people of the world. Verra'Talus inhabitants are a mixed breed of humanoids and beasts who have agreed to cohabit on this floating rock but not without the occasional spark of violence. Always the people are suspicious of outsiders.   The sky above dances with lights that shield and protect Verra'Talu from cosmic invaders. These lights are known as The Shimmer and stop any and all Planar Magic from taking hold. The only thing able to take hold in this world has been the three great kingdoms. Estua, the land of the Faultless Kings where the first of the Star Saved inhabitants lived. Midfield, the bountiful farms who to this day feed the world, and Paha the realm of Beastwalkers where creatures corrupted by the land roam.   To the north is a site known as the Calamity, three centuries ago a great beast broke forth from the earth and attacked Luna, shattering the moon escaping into the cosmic darkness beyond. The site where the creature came from is now a twisted wreck of iron and earth shrouded by an ever-present storm referred to as "The Storm Wall" What lies within that land of constant storms and lightning? What other secrets does this planet hold? There are places in this world where even the strongest of the Star Saved Children would not tread.

The Setting

1273 Years ago the Warden of Decay let out a scream that permeated the fabric of the Multi-Verse. This scream is known as the Pulse and shocked all living creatures into action. Some of those creatures turned to their gods, others to man, and some turned on each other. One thing is certain though, from the smallest child to the elders of the world everyone is suspicious of outsiders. For this planet has always been their home and they know nothing of the great expanse beyond. Willful ignorance or a lack of appetite for the great adventure. Either way Verra'Talu has found itself in a state of stagnation. The ruling classes known as the Chosen Races don't offer change. The religious citizens just remind people to wait and be patient. To some even the gods have abandonded them. It all seems to be waiting for a new spark to ignite change.

Now a group of adventurers wash up on a distant shore, claiming to be from the shattered moon in the sky, transported here by Keyna a legendary Wayfinder of Verra'Talu. You are travellers, people who have gone beyond the Shimmer and returned. Now you must find your way back to Luna. You must find a way past the Simmer and find a way to defeat the beast that shattered your home.