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The 269th Iþivalia Arlasa (ith-ih-VAHL-ee-ah)

Written by UmbralGoat

You do too much for us, Jupiter. Sometimes it's a little overwhelming.

You just aren't used to the city; you can visit whenever you like, you know!
— Pluto and Jupiter
  On the 26th of Nereivur, 1883 TC, the annual Iþivalia festival was held in the heart of the city of Iþivis. It was a special time, though, as every seven years, the Grand Emperor Jupiter hosts the Iþivalia Arlasa, a special festival in which other the Celestial Dragons are in attendance. The event was interrupted partway through by Soshan infiltrators.

In particular, Saturn, Neptune, as well as the Children and the Minor Celestials attended the event at approximately First Noon.

An Unwelcomed Visit

In the evening, a majority of attendees had moved to the castle's courtyard, a massive open area of Jupiter's home, flanked by two massive statues of Ancient Dragons built into the walls of the castle. Their maws spewed eternal blue flames. It was in this area that a variety of small events took place.
Musical performances were the most popular, and with an almost constant availability of drinks and smokeable herbs, most took this opportunity to dance with one another. It was tradition for the last musical performance to be that of a piece on the grand pipe organ on the far wall of the courtyard. Among musicians of Iþivis, it was a right of passage to play this instrument and perform it well enough for the crowd to enjoy.

That year, the young musician did not arrive with typical company; there were no rival musicians wishing them luck while secretly hoping on their downfall, and there were no family members calming their nerves and eagerly awaiting the performance. Yet the officials he with to noted nothing strange about him other than his appearance, with particularly dragon-like features, though covered in blue fur with black markings. His performance was what caught everyone's attention.

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Event Type
Date of Event
26th of Nereivur, 1883 TC
The whole day
Resulted in...
The public awareness of Ouranos
Questioning of the Court

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