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Ko.B.O.L.D. Personal Powered Armor

Written by BKBass

The Ko.B.O.L.D. (Korvonium-powered Battle Ordinance Load Distribution) series of Powered Armour was developed at the Peren City Institute of technology in response to the creation of the Operator Guided Robotic Engine (O.G.R.E.) by the Tannenholtz Empire. The KOBOLD armor consists of a core exoskeleton powered by a Sky Crystal-enhanced diesel engine. Many of the suits are being designed for dedicated roles - most often close infantry support - but some of the newer MK.II and MK.III designs are being built with modular components for more rapid battlefield adaptation to alternative roles.

MK.II KoBOLD suits deploying from a Korvus Industries Skybus.

Battlefield Deployment

The KoBOLD armor is generally used to fill the role of an all-terrain infantry support platform. The suit is able to cross ground otherwise inaccessible by a tracked or wheeled vehicle, and can enter areas otherwise unsafe for unarmored infantry. Carrying a standard 7.62mm machine gun, the KoBOLD is able to lay down suppressing fire on enemy positions while weathering return fire. A standard tactic is to deploy a single KoBOLD-equipped pilot in support of an infantry squad and use the armor as a base of fire while the remainder of the squad maneuvers to flank or assault the enemy.

Power Generation

Sky Crystal-enhanced diesel engine. (Sky Crystal Generator)


A variety of hydraulics and electro-motor actuators powered by the Sky Crystal Generator.

Weapons & Armament

Standard loadout includes one 7.62mm belt-fed machine gun. MK.I variants include the manual carry capacity to transport man-portable anti-tank rockets. MK.II and MK.III variants, while still relying on the standard machine gun as a primary weapon, may also be equipped with hull-mounted anti-tank or anti-aircraft weapons.

Armor and defense

The main hull of the armor consists of 15mm of molded steel armor around the entire torso. While the MK.I variant had a glass canopy, later variants are completely enclosed and utilize a system of mirrors to provide a viewport with minimal pilot exposure. The arms and legs of the armor have varying thickness plates, ranging from 5mm to 10mm thickness.

Communication Tools & Systems

All KoBOLD armor suits are equipped with a short-range transistor radio.


The experimental MK.IV Recon Armor includes one of the new RADAR systems for advanced reconnaissance capabilities.

MK.I KoBOLD suits in the field.
Owning Organization
Approx. one metric ton; varies by loadout.
5 MPH walking, 15 MPH short-distance running ability
Complement / Crew
One pilot.

Bail Out

An early test of the MK.II gone awry.

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