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Airships float among the clouds, mechanical monstrosities crawl and march across the battle field, and unknown dark powers wallow behind the veil of reality... Verden is a world at war. With new technology and weapons, the nations of the world have turned to each other as test subjects.   With the rapid advances in technology some have begun to question if these advancements are ethical. But in the hellish forge of war, one may not find the time to ponder this. Rumours abound of strange experiments involving genetic engineering, occult rituals, and many other unspeakable acts.   As modern weaponry tears apart bodies, and scorches the landscape; brave people take to the unexplored places to uncover ancient secrets, forgotten races, and powerful artefacts. These adventurers are in it for fame, fortune, and/or glory. Some are funded by government organisations hoping that some new type of magic or powerful artefact will be discovered. Others are funded my scientific institutions hoping to uncover the missing time from the beginning of the Deep Night to the First Dawn, and discover what are the "First Things".

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