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The Kaisermarine is the Navy of the Tannenholtz Empire. They served on the Airships and Sea-Ships of the Empire. Their uniforms were either a White or a Dark Blue colour. Interestingly enough, the Kaisermarine is the only branch that deploys non-humans in combat positions.


The Kaisermarine is the least funded of the Tannenholtz Military, but even then, they are incredibly well equipped. The Stoesser Class Battleship is the best ship just below the Royal Navy of Derynas's Invictus Class.


The Kaisermarine dates back to when ships were powered by sail. Back then the Kaisermarine never ammounted to much but when the Lift Drive was invented, they were able to expand their area of operations. Much to the surprise of the world, the Kaisermarine advanced quickly and became one of the most powerful navies in the world. Even though the Kaisermarine is on the smaller end of naval forces, they make up for it in firepower and armour.   Sailors in the Kaisermarine are held in high regard due to the extremely dangerous nature of Naval Combat.

"W├Âlfe des Meeres!

Military, Navy
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