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2501 AC

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Venya is a broken and dangerous world, plagued by monsters and relics from a long dead civilisation, and as the barriers between planes once again grow weak, those who were cast out thousand of years ago look on with hungry eyes. Those that wish to travel this broken land must contest with warlords, monsters and horrors from beyond their world, as wild magic seeps between realms, spreading corruption and poison into Venya. As you face these dangers, you would do well to ensure you yourself do not succumb to the sickly sweet powers they offer.

Explore the world of Venya here. Currently only the continent 'Lenwir' has content available, but follow me and subscribe to my Patreon and have a say as to what content you want to see next!


Ancient Powers and Shattered Realms

Dungeons & Dragons 5e

A group of adventurers upon their own quests find themselves caught up in a violent incident and band together to get to the bottom of the tragedy.