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Lughnasad was one the Elder Fey. He was a legendary craftsman, and the husband of Baba Yaga.

Divine Domains

Smithing, Tailoring, Weaving, Carving.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

A chisel and hammer in front of a loom wheel.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Lughnasad was the fourteenth born child of Corellon.   It was said that one night, while He and the other of his Elder Fey children were gathered by a fire, Corellon wove a tale for them about the great craft halls of the Gods. The tales of the splendor of the items created spun through the air, forming into illusionary forms of themselves, and among these forms, one of the motes of power danced and drunk heavily on the magic that flowed from his words, and Lughnasad was born from their idea.   Lughnasad was a dedicated craftsman, and loved nothing as much the making of things. He was a master of metal, stone, and cloth, and crafted every item of power that all within the The Seldarine possessed, most of which are still used to this day. The only thing in the world that he love besides crafting was his wife, Baba Yaga.   During The Conflict of the Fey, he was duped by the followers of Lolth into creating a weak sword designed to break, that led to the wounding of Corellon at the hands of Gruumsh, and Lughnasad's execution.
Divine Classification
Elder Fey
Honorary & Occupational Titles
The Craftlord.
The Fey Lord of the Anvil.
The Loom King.
The Prince of Chisels.
Circumstances of Death
Lughnasad was killed by Corellon over a poorly made blade. He believed the word of Lolth, who said Lughnasad created the blade with the intention of having him killed in his fight with Gruumsh.
Aligned Organization
Related Myths

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