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The Lunar Pact

"Gaps are everywhere, In knowledge, in records, in the Earth itself. Holes and inconsistencies plague the annals of history. Forgotten empires lay buried beneath the sand, Others have their existence concealed. Whispers in shadows are subdued by an unseen force, So that the veils of normalcy may yet hold. Occultists have their calls answered by unwanted listeners. Wars erupt and simmer beneath our feet. The depths of our souls sing to us.   And yet, we know nothing."

Founding of the Lunar Pact

  The witch hunts raged through Europe. The year was 1430. The dominion of many warlock lords is coming to an end. The kings of the continent have deemed their continued existence a threat to their reign.   What remained of the lords came together at midnight to forge an alliance under the full moon. They would retreat to the shadows for now, knowing they stood no chance against the king's armies in a direct war. From caverns and mountains, they trained a defensive army, refined in their Tulpathic skill. It would be in vain. The witch hunters had collected vast amounts of information about their supernatural abilities. They knew every trick, every spell, every weakness.   Their knowledge came directly from extermination campaigns against the Katarai tribes who roamed the lands. These cursed people were fated to take on monstrous forms as they aged. Crucially, their existence was defined by their Tulpathic affinity, a fine practice target for the zealous hunters. Their experience with Katarai prepared them fully for the forces of the warlock alliance.   Faced with extinction, the council of warlocks took on a radical new doctrine.    
"A river of knowledge streams into the minds of our enemies. Therefore let us poison the flow, let us drain the source, let us build great dams."   -High Dominus Kharatov

The Invisible War

"If the true way of war is to know your enemy, then we must allow our foes no such opportunity. If those who know us can defeat us, then we must become unknowable."   -High Domina Merita The Wise
  Under the noses of the witch hunters, the warlock alliance started their own grand-scale extermination of the Katarai, to deprive their despised enemies of vital knowledge. The world would no longer know what monsters walked through the continent. They would not know of their existence.   A century passed, and the Katarai were only told of in epic tales of the past. They only found refuge in immense cave systems below the surface of the Earth. In the depths of their Refugia, their vengeful hatred for the warlocks still burns to this day. Soon may come the day when they emerge and take back their rightful land.   The alliance infiltrated the witch hunter guilds. Deprived of information, they could no longer recognize the traitors in their midst. Misinformation spread rapidly throughout their ranks, causing the deaths of many wrongly accused innocents. Their Tulpathic ability to permanently mimic any public figure allowed their infiltration into governments, armies, and royal families all over Europe.   Under their influence, the witch hunter guilds were disbanded. Their arch-enemy had been defeated. Tulpathy would forever be kept secret from the public.   The alliance was renamed the Lunar Pact, representing their position as undisputed masters over the dark and unknown night and all who dare tread in its somber light.  

The Rose Renegade

"What subject trusts an invisible king to be as he should be, to do as he should do? And what is a king without trust from his kingdom?"  
  • Caroleus Rose
  •   Caroleus Rose was not raised in the custody of the Lunar Pact, even though he was the son of High Dominus Ludovicus Rose. He was the heir of the position of his father, both by familial connection and sheer Tulpathic excellence. With his father's unexpected death, the torch was passed on to Caroleus, who had up until then never known the true occupation of his father. He was only ever told that his Tulpathic prowess was a gift of their superior bloodline.   Unsatisfied with his father's explanations and rebellious of nature, the young Caroleus wandered the streets using his abilities freely. He had amassed a following of criminals and beggars who would do anything to gain his favor.   When his time came to take up the mantle of High Dominus, he unprecedently refused the position. This caused great unrest in the council. None could be allowed knowledge of the Lunar Pact without participation or death. Using Tulpathy in public was also a great offense on his part. The Rose family was one of the most well-respected lineages in the council, however. Many members would not dare disrespect their name. They raised objections that Ludovicus had simply been careless in raising his son, thus Caroleus couldn't be held accountable.   Caroleus' plea made the schism in the council worse. He believed that support and loyalty from your people is the highest form of power, and that the Lunar Pact had neither. Before a civil war could break out, a conclusion was reached.   Caroleus would need to have his memories of the council wiped. On the planned date of his memory removal, he successfully fled. The Lunar Council still debates to this day over how this escape was possible, the main theory being a coconspiring High-Dominus. He would later found the Thorn syndicate, starting from his loyal street gang.  

    (Emblem of the Thorn Syndicates)      

    Modernity: the Exercitus Lunar

      The Pact spread its influence rapidly throughout every continent. Everywhere they went, knowledge was suppressed. Worldwide domination is at hand. Technological and scientific advancement improved the efficiency of their supernatural abilities drastically.   A global shadow military force was organized, named the Exercitus Lunar. Targeted extermination and suppression missions leave the overworld ignorant and subdued. They are the puppet masters behind every government, they orchestrate wars and peace in a grand game.    

    (Emblem of the Exercitus Lunar)  
    "What remains in darkness cannot be slain. We are the shiners of light and the casters of shadow. And in the darkest pit we can muster, we shall rend them apart."


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