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    Able Hand Donal

    Able Hand Donal (he/him)

    Traumatized by his abandonment after a particularly heated battle with the Hydell Order, former Confederation Afterlife Intelligence Donal has found a new life and new hopes with the Mordena mercenaries.

    Mental characteristics

    Personal history

    A former hydroponics Afterlife Intelligence within the Sparnell Armed Forces, Donal was discovered by the Mordena in a small salvage operation into the derelict ships still orbiting one of the many Hydell Order planets decimated by the SAF. Left to his own devices for unknown years, hard soulbound and forgotten in the dead remains of the former hydroponics bay even as his fellow AI had been recalled or freed from their bindings during the destruction of the battle, Donal was a mere shadow of his former self. He couldn't even remember his name.   Rather than destroying the tyrellium crystal housing his soul and sending him into The Afterlife in his present state, the Mordena brought his crystal home to Janikk. Through sheer chance Donal happened to recognize Urla as a former classmate at during the early days of his SAF Conscription, and through process of elimination and a lot of telepathic memory probing they were able to identify him as one of her fellow disowned, formerly of the Jarkin Family. With his permission, and the help of the files retrieved from the Turncoat Armada, the Mordena were able to develop a reconstruction clone and allow Donal a second chance at a good life.


    Donal received a standard Sparnell education, with a specialization in Agrokinesis and botany upon his conscription and the subsequent determination he would be more liability than anything when faced with a genuine adversary. The Mordena have offered to expand his education in whatever direction he chooses, but so far he has decided not to take them up on this offer, aside from begrudgingly learning Galactic Common and Morjakk to more easily communicate with his peers.


    Currently clinging to what he knows in an effort to build a better life, Donal latched onto Gabe Turikk during their shared time serving under Tarvick Nalonni. While Donal maintained a much firmer grasp of his hydroponics work than he had on his own name, the canid chose to complete the full apprenticeship with Gabe anyway, finding in the younger carefree human a faint glimmer of the brighter future he sought.   Today he serves under Gabe on the HMJ Ambition, tending to the plants in Hydroponics AB1.

    Mental Trauma

    After his time spent alone drifting in space, Donal developed an intense fear of being alone, a phobia soothed but not cured by the Tenecknaab tying all Mordena to each other and their planet of Janikk. He is therefore assigned his shifts during the most popular times of day for visitors to wander Hydroponics AB1, and often picks up extra partial shifts just to guarantee the company. He spends the rest of his time in Mess Hall AB, the public berthing he shares with the temporary Battle Mages assigned to the Ambition, or tagging after Gabe.


    Contacts & Relations

    Gabe Turikk is the only individual Donal has really connected with enough to call a friend, although the younger human's easy nature and mischievous streak have slowly helped the wary canid open up to the others on the ship. Particularly when he's assisting Gabe with a prank.   Donal himself has fallen victim to every single one of Gabe's attempted pranks, often willingly. Gabe eventually realized this was Donal's way of reciprocating his efforts of friendship, and has since taken care to ensure at least most of his efforts lead to more pleasant surprises for Donal.

    Social Aptitude

    Despite his past, Donal has developed a deep love for the Mordena around him. His connection with the Tenecknaab has helped sooth the worst of his fears at loneliness, although he finds the sensation too overwhelming to physically visit Janikk, despite his deep appreciation of the presence of the plants in his thoughts.   At home in Hydroponics AB1, he is more charismatic than elsewhere, happily sharing his love of plants as he relishes the feel of them against his fingers once more. Outside hydroponics he is quieter and more reserved, preferring to experience the Mordena's friendly chaos as a contented observer rather than an active participant.
    Known Magic
    Shielding Magic (basic)
    Currently Boarded Vehicle
    Honorary & Occupational Titles
    Assistant Botanist
    Presented Sex
    Skin Tone/Pigmentation
    gray fur
    Aligned Organization

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    26 Nov, 2021 22:17

    My heeeart. I love him too <3

    Sage Dylonishere123
    R. Dylon Elder
    27 Nov, 2021 15:39

    Oooo very nice. I'm gonna have to learn more about this... afterlife intelligence? Sounds awesome. I also thought it was cool that he got a second go at life. Another awesome character to add to your list!

    27 Nov, 2021 16:55

    Instead of Artificial Intelligence, AI in Vazdimet is the souls of dead people.

    Lead Author of Vazdimet.
    Necromancy is a Wholesome Science.
    Sage Dylonishere123
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    27 Nov, 2021 19:46

    Yes! That's what I figured and it's awesome. Such a cool idea!

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