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    Hydroponics AB1

    Modified from its original clinical layout, the main hydroponics bay of the HMJ Ambition combines efficient design with relaxing beauty.

    Purpose / Function

    Hydroponics 1 allows for the growing of temperate zone plants within the Ambition for food, Alchemy, and the generation of Nature Magic fields to allow the use of its magics in the Void of space. The bay also serves as a popular destination for relaxation and reminders of home for the crew.

    Contents & Furnishings

    Small self-contained ponds of assorted Janikk plantlife lay scattered about the room, their placement and size carefully calibrated to meet each plant's needs while facilitating convenience and efficiency when seeing to their care. Climbing vines branched and spread throughout, winding their way across the walls and ceilings in addition to the structural supports. Large impossibly shaped hydromantic fountains, reinforced with Telekinesis, aerated and filtered the water while providing a comforting gurgling which complemented the quiet hum of the other room equipment.
      Hydroponics 1 was designed to provide a calming atmosphere for crewmembers seeking the solace of Janikk while away from home, in addition to a healthy growing environment for the plants themselves. The large starboard window along the top half of the outer bulkhead allows occupants of the bay to also view the Void of space directly outside of the ship.


    While the original bay had been a stark industrial affair with open shelving and lifeless metal rows of bubbling water tubs, the Ambition's hydroponics had since been completely redesigned as a joint experiment between the Mordena's top Agrokinesis experts and Janikk herself.
      As the original hydroponics bay of the HMJ Ambition back when it was still the SCS Subjugation, Hydroponics 1 has undergone major renovations while still maintaining its original purpose. Enlarged to allow for the growth of more plants, the bay was also altered from its original starkly industrial feel to allow a natural space within the ship for the crew and the plants.
    Alternative Names
    Hydroponics / Agricultural complex
    Compartment of Vehicle

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    11 Nov, 2021 13:18

    I love how natural the hydroponics bays on the Ambition are. :D

    11 Nov, 2021 14:29

    That's the Mordena for you. <3

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