The Great Elder

Great Elder Unknown Unknown (a.k.a. The Oracle)

A mysterious being that leads the Abien and not many have seen or understand. In fact, most that have seen him are now dead, by his hand. His is a name that inspires as much fear as it does awe and many wonder how he is considered a valued member of the empire.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

A very large and intimdating figure that looms over others.

Facial Features

His face is hidden by a large dear skull with large antlers, it's painted red with arcane symbols matching the ones across his body.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Much of his history is entirely unknown, though what myth and legend says is terrifying to most. Those who have survived meeting him will not speak of their experiences beyond his ability as an oracle sighting that they fear retribution if the discuss him further. Beyond that what is known is that only one being in known history has ever gained his approval, Rai Reirha,


The closest thing to emplyment that The Great Elder has is as the leader of the Abien and as the Oracle. Both things that require little to no effort from him seemingly. As the Oracle people are free to seek him out and ask him one question each, however if he doesn't like their question then he WILL eat them. If he does like the question he will answer honestly and accurately, if they argue or beg for a different answer then he WILL eat them.

Accomplishments & Achievements

He has never been wrong with one of his predictions, ever.


  • Demanding things from him
  • Harming the forest
  • Harming his people
  • Refusing gifts

Personality Characteristics


While his motivations are unknown, some believe even by him, he is known to be painfully honest with his answers to his questions. He seems to be driven by that same honesty and while biased in his judgements, he seems to want to spread the truth.
Unknown assumed male
Glowing red
Long flame red braided
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Shadowy black and glowing red arcane markings
112' Tall
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
Seemingly all.


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