Kae Fuikost

Kae Fuikost

Kae is a proud but playful man. He doesn't trust easily but when it is earned he is an unwaveringly loyal friend.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

He is slim with the build expected of a runner, well defined but light muscle is near unnoticable in favor of the rather androgenous curves he sports.   In fox form he is on the larger side, tall and lanky.

Facial Features

Soft round lips, sharp cheekbones, a refined nose, soft brow, and a sharp but delicate angular jaw make up the rest of his features. The fox ears atop his head are pierced with the left missing a chunk at the base and the right sporting a tear near the tip, they are a deep auburn in color similar to that of the leaves in Sunin.

Identifying Characteristics

The tear and the missing chunk in his ears are the main identifiers for him as well as the fang necklace he wears at all times.   In fox form he has swirling black marks that wrap around all four of his paws starting at the shoulder.

Specialized Equipment

He has a pouch that stays accessible to him in both forms full of herbs and potions to deal with the most common injuries.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Kae is the first born son of the current leader of the Radyajie while he declined the position of heir, he opted to serve his people in the capacity of a messenger. He has had many run-ins with the Shoqen but has survived them all thus far. As such he prays for a way to protect his people and end the constant fear they live in.


While he has not pursued a formal education, Kae has studied the arts of survivalism, combat, healing, and magic. While he has studied other things as well these are the things most important to him as they allow him to be more effective in his work as well as to help as many people as he can.


He currently serves as a messenger for his people, running between clan lands and any other important communications. He does this as a way to protect more of his people taking on the more dangerous jobs so others don't have to.

Accomplishments & Achievements

It is considered a great accomplishment to have survived the number of attacks and hunting attempts by the Shoqen as he has. He has earned his place as the highest ranking messenger among his race.

Mental Trauma

Kae has deepseated trust issues with other races, despite having decent relations with some he in general fears all. This is born of seeing how high the causualty rate of his people is at the hands of the infamous Shoqen hunters.

Morality & Philosophy

Live and let live, the standard that Kae strives to live by. He is feircely loyal to those he trusts and cares about and largely disinterested in outsiders beyond his paranoia of their intentions. He will do what he can to help those in need but not at the risk of his own people or his own skin.

Personality Characteristics


He is driven by a need to support and protect his family and his people. He hopes to find a way to ensure that the shoqen are no longer a threat to his race and that his younger siblings can grow up in peace rather than constant fear.

Likes & Dislikes

Kae adores children above all, when he isn't on a job he can be found in his clan's nursery reading to, playing with, and telling stories to the little ones. He also adores wildlife in all of its forms considering all of nature to be extrodinary and beautiful.   There aren't many things he truly dislikes beyond indeference, those who seek to harm his people though are a big one. Followed closely by all who would harm children.

Vices & Personality flaws

Kae has a temper, a very short temper that is prone to flareing at any hint of insult or threat. This has gotten him into more than a few dangerous situations and one of the reasons he sites for turning down the position of heir.


Social Aptitude

Kae is a bright outgoing and playful man, both mischievious and proud. He is fond of making friends and of long dsicussions and enjoys both listening to and telling stories. He is also known for his skill in dealing with children and his fondness for them, as he always takes time to great and to care for them. Despite this though he is also incredibly serious, to the point of being standoffish, to outsiders and other races. He makes his wariness and his distrust well known to them.

200 years
Date of Birth
60th of Yimtera, 1750 Age of the Great Dragon
Current Residence
His upturned monolid eyes are a dark amber that shine with mischief and cunning.
His hair is of matching color to his ears and reaches his waist wild and free held back from his face only by thin braids on either side that tie back into a bone clasp joining in a single larger braid.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Soft bronze with deep auburn fur.
5' 8"
165 lbs


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