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Blazing Bridges


Largly unexplored and making up the majority of Tovenarij, this vast desert is known for its multitude of rock formations on its southern edges many creating walls and arches leading to the cliff tops. Once high enough, excellent views can be found of the swirling reds and yellows decorating the sand flats.

Localized Phenomena

Strong winds move quickly across the flats picking up loose debris, these massive sandstorms can last for near half a day.

Fauna & Flora

Succulents and drought resistant shrubs are found hiding in the rocks, protected from the harsh winds and the worst of the beating sun. These small patches of safety provide habitat for a variety of small creatures.   There is a known population of fthorskotos that is encountered on occasion by those enroute from the city to Rust. These events have sparked rumors about possible windows or paths to Corone the creatures must be passing through somewhere out in the desert.

Natural Resources

The region is used as a quarry for its red sandstone sold for use in construction, art, and products. A handful of mining operations have popped up to meet demand, the most notable of which is next to the village of Rust near the river.


The rise of the Conservators of Verity in the south of Tovenarij has allowed Covys to access the desert from a new direction. Members have been slowly staking out possible windows among the bridges with little resistanse from the nation due to the area's isolation.


Those intent to find possible paths to Corone and the curious with a strong desire to observe the regions natural beauty will venture into the desert. Many of these journeys are at night to spare individuals the harsh environment. However, wandering fthorskotos act as a deterrent to many who consider large expeditions. The danger and isolation simply to great for those with common sense.
Alternative Name(s)
Blazing Sands
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Cover image: Scenic Landscape by Jean Beaufort


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