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Doghinwhar, The Star That Will Cage the World

Divine Domains

Fire, Order, Purity, War

Holy Books & Codes

Doghinwhar has only one book dedicated to it, but it is certainly a long one. The Noble House of Lovernius - the subterranean servants of the Star - have in their possession an ancient tome, detailing every communion between Doghinwhar and its Herald of Purity, so that the knowledge might be passed down over the generations. This book was named Ad Benevolentiam.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

The holy symbol of Doghinwhar is the spiralling star. In the more lavish incarnations of this sigil, Doghinwhar's red eye is depicted in the centre using a ruby, and the points of the star are forged in gold. In the world above ground, this symbol may be more familiar to soldiers and mercenaries; The Flame of Doghinwhar often leaves the sigil on ruined buildings, or even arranges the bodies of their sacrifices into the sigil of their god.

Tenets of Faith

1. I am the Flame of Doghinwhar - an extension of its will. My actions are its actions, and I shall conduct myself with the utmost grace.  

2. When my time has come, I shall give myself unto the Star entire. All that I am - all I have consumed - shall join Doghinwhar in the climb to the sunlight.


3. Only that which has felt the touch of fire is truly worthy of returning to our patron.


4. Nothing shall be wasted. All that can be given unto the Star, shall be given. When my comrades fall in battle, I will do all that I can to return them to their master, so they might live on within.


5. This world has deemed us unwelcome, and we shall return the favour. All who meet us above, shall be brought below. Through their sacrifice, their lives are granted purpose.


Donum Dare: Roughly translating to "The Gift-Giving", this holiday takes place on the first day of House Lovernius's new year, and entails the ceremonial offering of all the City of Glass's prisoners, dead and dying to the Star that Will Cage the World. Do not let their grand parade and echoing hymns fool you. Donum Dare is not a sight for the faint of heart, and many who bear witness to its feeding ritual have come away changed to their core.    

While more celebrations exist in its honour, Doghinwhar does not much care for them, and does not consider itself associated with any holiday besides Donum Dare. The Star only cares for its hunger.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

Doghinwhar cares very little for any and all creatures of Varen - even its own kin. All this creature is motivated by is narcissism in its purest form. It will not stop until it has absorbed each and every living thing in Varen, and grown to envelop the world, encasing it within itself. It would seem, then, that would make the light-sensitive The Noble House of Lovernius near-perfect allies, and he has even succeeded in persuading them that his urge to consume is in their benefit. The entity is formless and transcendant, and holds no gender identity; but does often appear in a feminine form to it's followers, to satiate their base needs of proving one gender's superiority over another. Doghinwhar is an entity that is unsettling to behold at best, and maddening at worst. The creature has no consistent form, existing as a revolting mass of fungus, flora and flesh. Wherever the Star appears, it bears more of a resemblance to a patch of aggressive spores than to any sapient entity - an appearance that has deceived many an unwitting explorer, to terrifying results.

The Star That Will Cage the World is capable of shifting and remaking its aesthetic, to some degree, and can even grow parts of itself to look akin to any other living creature it has absorbed. These mimics are, however, a grim facsimile of the entity that came before, appearing with pockmarked, blistering flesh, its skin always a sickening shade of light brown.

Divine Classification
Great Old One
Neutral Evil
Honorary & Occupational Titles
The queen of Light, The Formless God, The Star that will Cage the World
Current Residence
Beneath the Grand Cathedral, The City of Glass
The Noble House of Lovernius - The Flame of Doghinwhar
Organization | Nov 13, 2019


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