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The Noble House of Lovernius - The Flame of Doghinwhar


The faith of Doghinwhar is deeply associated with a particular noble house of Drow that dwell beneath the lands of Olthambria and Sylmaneth, and have a similar structure to them as a result.

The noble house of Lovernius have something of a "cultural monopoly" on the Doghini faith, with the head of their household also holding the role of The Herald of Purity. In-keeping with the family's matrilineal nature, the hierarchy of the faith descends in order of the first-born daughters, nieces, granddaughters and so forth in relation to the Herald.

Dependent on the closeness of their relation to the Herald, her female relatives bear the following executive titles:

  • THE SUCCESSOR: The next Herald of Purity, this woman is selected by the current Herald from amongst her own daughters - or, in the absence of daughters, from her sisters instead. With no sisters or any other female relatives to choose from, the position remains open until another woman enters the family - through birth or marriage. The selection process is grueling and not to be taken lightly, relying on all daughters of the Herald to perform some extreme feat in service to Doghinwhar as proof of their faith, with the act that impresses the Herald most heavily winning that daughter the position.

    The role of the Successor is simply to provide good counsel to her mistress, while representing her will above the surface, when the need arises. This often results in the Successor leading raiding parties and often returning with slaves and fleshwarped servants from those places that have earned the ire of Doghinwhar.

  • THE ENFORCERS: The iron fists of the Herald, these members of the family are not limited to any particular generation of House Lovernius, representing the greatest of the family's warriors who were, sadly, not blessed with their master's magic. For any women not capable of channelling Doghinwhar's power, this is as high as their ranking can ever go, regardless of their relation to the Herald.These women are often tasked with leading smaller raiding parties on less important missions, both throughout their network of caverns and upon the surface world, often granted a handful of fleshwarps and the means with which to create them. While the laws of Doghinwhar do not limit House Lovernius to any set number of Enforcers, it is uncommon for there to be any more than twelve of these people in the family. Finally - while it is notably more difficult for them to do so - men of House Lovernius who prove themselves as talented warriors might one day be granted this title.
  • THE SPREADING FIRE: The Spreading Fire of Doghinwhar is the name used to refer to those women of House Lovernius who were not granted the title of Successor, and instead take on roles as effective priestesses of Doghinwhar. These women serve the Herald of Purity by dispersing her word as far and wide as they can, giving sermons amongst the outer reaches of the House's territory, and even travelling the Long Crawl to other Drow cities throughout Varen's underground. It is also common practice for The Spreading Fire of Doghinwhar to accompany their superiors in small numbers onto the surface in times of conflict - often in troupes of no more than five, and almost always organised in groups of sisters.

Public Agenda

The mission of the Cult of Doghinwhar - as spoken by the Herald of Purity - is a simple one. Together, the women of House Lovernius shall render the world above unto ash and ruin, so that their gestating god may extend his being onto the surface world, encompass the sky, and, in his final form, blot out the sun. Then, and only then, will the Drow of southern Varen be free to live amongst fresh air and wide open land, unafraid of the light that once blinded them.


House Lovernius are a very influential, very resourceful family, and can often afford to outfit their Spreading Fire with the finest equipment available to them. Enchanted items, artifacts of their god and the soldiers and fleshwarps necessary to wage a war on the surface are trivial expenses to this decadent house, and it is rare for the family to even consider giving one of their own anything but the best.

One thing that Doghinwhar's faithful do not use or understand is firearms. The Drow as a people are still very much behind on most technological advances, and regard revolvers and rifles as godless abominations. It is a sin to wield such a coward's weapon.

Obscuro Libertatum

Religious, Cult
Alternative Names
The Grey Flame from Below
Doghinwhar, The Star That Will Cage the World
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