The Drowned Castle of Grimholt

"Grimholt is a chilling testament to the folly of humans, and of the power of the Laurentian Sea. Nature will always reclaim that what is rightfully its own, no measure of stone nor iron will levy its fury. Take heed of the drowned castle, and know the limits of mortal potential." ~Unknown   Grimholt Castle lies to the east of Port Carneval, in between the Sapphire Isles and the western shores of Iolan. It's crumbling walls and flooded corridors slowly being reclaimed by the ceaseless pounding of the Laurentian waves. Year after year the sea reclaiming more and more of the salt encrusted stone. Nature ever intent on burying the structure, and the memories of its builders, in the depths below. This reclamation is sped along by the seemingly unending hurricane that sounds the castle 5 miles in every direction, with the storm's eye nowhere to be found. Some debate that the storm is caused by powerful magical relics left behind by the Grimholt family when they were forced to abandon their home. Though no soul has yet to brave the storm, enter the building, and return to tell the tale.   Built in the Golden Years of Humanity during the First Age, Grimholt Castle was, at the time, a triumph of human engineering, Elvish cooperation, and the vast coffers of the Lord Reagent Grimholt. He wished to test the limits of what humans were capable of, paying whatever cost was necessary to see his domination of the Laurentian Sea come to fruition. Even unto the deaths of over three dozen workers and craftsmen. Some two decades after the initial plans were drafted, the structure was complete and the Grimholt family docked and moved into their new abode. Greeted by a lavish courtyard garden through the intricate wrought iron gates, the garden led up a flight of stairs to the grand double doors that were enchanted to open when movement on the steps was detected. Opening up to thirty-two rooms, a lavish ballroom, fully equipped kitchen plus staff, and a banquet hall to be envied even by the Emperor of Averheim himself. It seems no expense was spared by the Lord Reagent.   During their time in castle, it is said that the Grimholts practiced all manner forbidden procedures, spells, and other experiments that could not be policed by the Empire due to the castle's location in the Sea. Visitors to the castle describe hidden corridors and chambers they were forbidden from entering. The Lady Grimholt was once seen by a young countess with what appeared to be blood stains on her hands and on her dress that the Lady tried to hide. When asked by the family if the countess had been wandering the castle grounds, she feigned ignorance. Though she describes the rest of her visit as comfortable, but uneasy. As if every wall and room had eyes that were fixed upon her. The account of the countess is not the only such tale, though the stories vary slightly, all agree that the suspicions cast upon the Grimholt family were deserved. Some going so far as to accuse the Grimholts of Necromancy and Demonic rituals. Though nothing could ever be definitively proven.   As is its wont remorseless nature of the surrounding ocean would begin to wear away at the enchantments protecting the castle walls. Only a decade passed between its construction, until leaks began to appear in the stone. Patches of enchantments to plug the holes worked for a time, but five years later it became clear to the Grimholts, that no amount of magic would be enough to buffer the Sea's intent. The Lord Reagent set destruction glyphs along the supporting pillars and evacuated with his wife and his four childen. The glyphs were set to detonate when the family reached Port Carneval, but they never did. Instead, a sinister wind hollowed around the castle, churning the sea as the hurricane formed and battered the castle firmament. Where it continues to rage to this very day.   Now, in the years of the Second Age, the Drowned Castle of Grimholt serves as a grim reminder what should not be attempted. But also presents a curiosity for collectors and explorers alike. What forgotten relics lie in the haunted remains of this ancient castle. What dangerous and riches linger among the ghosts that roam the hallways and dance in the slowly submerging ballroom. For some, they remain stories to frighten their children. But for others, well, others will pay handsome sums to the one who returns from the castle.

Purpose / Function

Was once the residence of Imperial Lord Reagent Isiah Grimholt, his family, and attendants
25 years after construction
Founding Date
Middle of the First Age, exact date unknown.
Alternative Names
Castle Grimholt


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