The Second Age

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Vanigraad is a realm steeped in magic, chaos, and history. Humanity stands on the knife edge of extinction,Their once mighty fortress cities brought to ruin by a calamity known as the Planar Confluence. Now dwindling in number, the majority of Human civilization is split between two major cities. Belrynnd, the City of Steam, and Averheim, self-proclaimed Fortress of the Old World. While not directly in conflict, the two civilizations have been dancing around a war for generations. Recently, it seems, tensions are beginning to reach their peak. As Averheim has begun to lessen the restrictions on the use of magic within their borders. Which is strictly prohibited within the Twilight Accord, signed by both kingdoms after the Planar Confluence of the First Age.   Straining tensions further, the monstrosities released during the Confluence of the First Age have begun to surface once more, attacking trade caravans and settlements all across Vanigraad. Trade caravans dare not move without heavy escort, and smaller border towns are under constant threat of attack. Forcing many to flee to the safety of city walls. With refugees putting strain on already limited resources, the two kingdoms are struggling to cope.   Many of Vanigraad's other races; the Dwarves, Halflings, Orcs, and others, live reclusive lives. Dealing with humans only when necessary, and only for very short periods of time. As they blame Humanity for the chaos that has overtaken the realm.The Elves, retreated deep into their forest realms as the Confluence began. Their shining ancestral cities now filled with with the dead bones and ghosts of their ancestors, with only the bravest of scholars daring to venture into their halls.   Many of the old Human cities remain in the plains and mountains of Vanigraad's vast landscape. Once great bastions of magical learning and progress, their Mage Colleges and Libraries now lay abandoned, protected by magics long forgotten, and their latent arcane energies drawing many dangerous creatures as unintentional protection. Who knows what secrets yet remain within their long empty halls.