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Calvari 10, 206 ER

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"Our end is but the pendant of our beginning."
- Phoenix Accord motto
    No one "rests in peace" when they die. Not in the Empire of Druna, where necromantic magic has gone from the magic style du jour to the foundation of an entire empire.   This is the epicenter of necromancy, a sprawling land that reeks of corruption as much as it does of rotting flesh. It is a place where the dead get no peace. Families cannot grieve their dead, as their lost loved ones are only possessions to be bought once their souls have left their bodies. Corpses are auctioned off to the highest bidder and sent off to be reanimated, repurposed into working machines.   A ruler sits on the throne of the Drunan Empire, but everyone knows that it is truly run by a handful of discreet necromantic houses. They influence the socioeconomic climate and grapple with each other for the strongest foothold. They gamble on the mortality of their fellow Drunan citizens, and they silence any who oppose their morbid tactics.   Necromantic practices have become so widespread, that the entire world of Valleris has been affected. The neighboring Republic of Alnir has been raising necromantic armies of its own, becoming a second powerhouse of undead magic. But, what are their true intentions? Other countries are selling their dead as valuable exports, crushing the traditions and cultural practices of their own people.   Valleris is a world where the only constants in life are undeath and taxes.