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Originally of human heritage, at some point in their bloodline, the tieflings were touched by the infernal, and still bear that legacy to this day, physically manifesting in what some might term a demonic appearance - reddish skin of a variety of hues; horns protruding from the head, and a tail.   Despite this appearance, most tieflings do their best to integrate into society, with many showing a propensity towards pursuing lives in the creative pursuits, perhaps to combat any predjudice their appearance might bring, by bringing a little extra beauty to the world.   Like all sapient species however, they have their bad apples, and this has lead to an unfair malignation of Tieflings by some of the more common races.   Tieflings are fairly rare in Vallanna, but not so rare as to be an unknown quantity to most of the common folk. They may still draw stares and probing glances in some of the more remote outposts of the land, but usually this is merely due to curiosity.

Basic Information


Humanoid, with proportions by and large in line with regular humans. Horns protrude from the top of the forehead. Tails protrude from the lower back. Their eyes are solid colours, with no pupils visible. Their canine teeth are often sharply pointed, although not in all cases.

Genetics and Reproduction

Sexual reproduction between a male and a female.
90-150 years
Average Height
1.5-2.2 metres
Average Weight
114-238 lbs or 52-108 kg


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