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Considered by many to be a most pleasant and amiable people, Halflings in Vallanna make their homes freely among the settlements of the larger folk. The pursuit of comfort and happiness, and the company of good friends and family is often foremost on the minds of most Halflings, with many finding no greater joy in life than a peaceful home.   This is not to say that Halflings are unadventurous, but such wandering is not often undertaken as a means to glory or fortune. The defense of home, the pull of exploring a wider world, or simply helping out imperiled friends are more common reasons that a Halfling may be found abroad.   Halflings are in many ways as adaptable as Humans when it comes to living conditions, but their personal preference is often for comfort rather than self-imposed hardships.

Basic Information


Bipedal vertabrates, with a pair of upper limbs.

Genetics and Reproduction

Sexual Reproduction between a male and a female.

Growth Rate & Stages

A Halfling will reach maturity at around the age of 20, and live to an average age of around a century and a half.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Halflings have two eyes, two ears and a nose with which they perceive the world around them. Much like humans, they do not possess any particularly strong darkvision.

Civilization and Culture

Major Language Groups and Dialects

Most Halflings will grow up bilingual; learning both Common and Halfling. The Halfling language itself is seldom learned by non-Halflings, as they prefer to pass on their knowledge to their children through a strong oral tradition, rather than in a written form.   Those living in areas with high Dwarven or Elven populations may find themselves learning Dwarvish or Elvish, so as to better communicate and understand their neighbours.   Many may learn other languages through study or as a natural result of contact with speakers of other such tongues.
140 - 180 Years
Average Height
2'7" - 3'3" (78cm - 99cm)
Average Weight
35lbs - 50lbs (15kg - 23kg)


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