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Diminutive and kind-hearted, with a natural curiosity and zest for life, Gnomes are a somewhat rare sight in certain parts of Vallanna, but travel far and wide, broadening their horizons and exploring the world around them, with a seemingly natural urge to squeeze as many experiences as they can within their few centuries of life.   Gnomes, by and large, make their homes in hilly, wooded areas; living in cleverly constructed underground burrow-dwellings. Unlike dwarves, however, who also live underground in their home communities, Gnomes revel in experiencing the joy and greenery of nature whenever they can.   Many gnomes, especially those who find themselves living within human settlements, become skilled engineers, alchemists, tinkers, and inventors.

Basic Information


Gnomes are a bipedal humanoid race, growing to between 3 and 4 feet tall.

Growth Rate & Stages

Gnomes mature at a similar rate to humans, generally settling into adult life by age 40. Their lifespan, however greatly exceeds that of humans, with some gnomes living to be up to 500 years old.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Gnomes have all the same primary senses as humans, but like Dwarves, their eyes are much more sensitive in low light, due to their comfort with living beneath the surface. As such, gnomes can see perfectly fine in total darkness, although they cannot perceive colours in such a situation.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Within gnomish society, gnomes have many names - most have half a dozen or so. Typically, a gnome will be given a name by each member of their immediate family. On top of this, a gnome will likely accumulate various nicknames from friends and other family members.   When dealing with non-gnomes, however, most gnomes tend to use simply a single personal name, a clan name, and perhaps a nickname, usually picking those which they like the most.

Major Language Groups and Dialects

Most Gnomes can speak Common and Gnomish.
350-500 Years
Average Height
0.9-1.2 metres (3-4 feet)
Average Weight

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