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Valkosh The shadow world


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Darkness is at the core of Valkosh. Shadow is entrenched upon its surface. And the void lurks just out of reach.   Still, fires have ever burned upon the shadow world. The Era of Mist saw men rise and mystery reign. Though their technology and ways were still developing and the mighty Fyrians had not yet been born, the people of this time forged the future of this world in fire. The Era of Suns and the Era of the Dawn saw the rise and fall of empires, the mastery and loss of magics untold. And today, in the Era of Embers, where the magic is great but still only a shadow of what it once was, where only a scarce seven Fyrian families remain, and the great powers of Valkosh are expanding.   Light rests beyond Valkosh's view, starlight held by the boundless Ultium Sea. Answers are everywhere, yet questions are endless. Mystery reigns, as it always has.   Note: Currently in the process of switching all images and artwork for either royalty free images or images I have personally commissioned.