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1964 ED

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Darkness is at the core of Valkosh. Shadow is entrenched upon its surface. And the void lingers beyond the planet's view.   Still, fires burn upon the shadow world. The flames of humanity call the planet home, unaware of its dark history. And nowhere are the flames stronger than the Heartlands found in the center of Hadrim. Long ago, the Lord of Flames blessed its people with power over the flames and they created wondrous inventions. But eventually, only a few of these gifted remained. The Heartlands remains at peace for now, but the world beyond is dangerous. The storm rages in the east as its children try to find their place in the world. Fire gives way to poison in the northern lands as the Melat rule in a society driven by vile pleasures. And even further beyond, the shadow continent Pandyria looms over the rest of the world.   Souls have power on Valkosh, but mysteries, gods, and still greater things reign over the dark world.   Show Spoiler

Beneath the Ultium

The Ultium, the boundless, distant sea, stretches throughout the universe, reaching out with rivers that span galaxies. Upon these rivers sail the true adventurers for they visit not just other lands, but other worlds.
Do you wish to sail upon the light of a thousand stars and see the Star-Worlds?