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The Court of Stars

The Court of Stars, also known as the Great Magocracy, is a multinational, politically unaligned council of the most powerful and influential magi in Impera living in their independent tower of Astrimor and its adjacent town of Beoras. As a safe sanctuary for all magic users from every corner of the world, regardless of race, political alignment or birthright, Astrimor is the center of all magical study on the Continent. The Court's independence is guaranteed by their influence over mages all over the world and the great risk for little to no reward a monarch would take by angering the mages and thus weakening his position compared to his neighbors.


The Court of Stars is organized based on both merit and experience, which means that while most high-ranking members are of an older age, a young person that shows remarkable talent, ability, knowledge and virtue for their age can quickly advance through the ranks as well.   The highest rank in the order is the Archmage, of which there are always seven, making up the ruling body of the organization, the Council of Stars itself.   Below the Archmage is the rank of Seeker, with each of them heading a department in either the Academy of Magical Arts (or the entire academy as a whole as its Headmaster) or one of the post-academic suborganizations, such as the Spellbreakers or the Astrimoran Alchemists' Guild. Upon the death or abdication of an archmage, or any other event causing a seat on the Council to be vacated, the next archmage is chosen from the Seekers.   The Seekers are assisted by the Conestors, the first stepping stone to a higher office in the Court, usually reserved for promising mages and held as a preparation for eventual Seekerhood.   The main body of mages, simply known as magi, serves as the teachers and researchers in the Academy or regular organization members outside of it.   Below the rank of magus is the senior student, known as an adept. Adepts often serve as assistants to magi and guides for the junior students, known as apprentices.


The Court believes in the ideas of free thought and expression, as well as merit-based progression. Advancement in magic, technology, science and philosophy are the central pillars of the Court and while individual members are free to express their political leaning in a respectful manner, the Court as a whole is to always remain neutral unless under direct threat.

Public Agenda

The Court promotes education and rational approach to the world, often clashing with various religions despite having a theological faculty themselves.

Study. Knowledge. Freedom.

Geopolitical, Magocracy
Alternative Names
The Great Magocracy, The Astrimor Sanctuary

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