The Abyss

Long known to be the place of demons and chaos, the Abyss is an Evil plane without any hierarchy besides power.  
Abyss Demon


Demonic Paradise?

Demons of all variety and kinds call this place home. The powerful ones have their own levels and the deific ones are masters of their level, shifting it to their liking and desire.  

Demons Never Die!

Demons are said to never die, never truly die. Devils can be killed, one of their biggest differences. The war that rages between the two is punctuated with waves of demons coming back from the Abyss. Truly a never-ending conflict.  

Home for Deities

There are many deities, Pantheonic and who choose to live here. Many who wish to become deities and are actively trying to wrest control from each other. Whereas order — Evil order, but order — bind the Nine Hells, only power and chaos keep the Abyss from spinning apart. The deities of the plane know this and control parts of it to their liking and purposes.  


Dimodine by MidJourney

Beloved Dimodine

Long ago, before the P.P.M. was created, the deity Moradin created a most precious material and cut the brilliant rock into a beautiful shape. This rock, called the Dimodine, was superior to every other gem and stone ever conceived. The other deities praised Moradin for his innovation and creativity.   It was displayed and handled by the deities who felt something deep inside, something powerful. Moradin revealed he put faith for each of them inside. Impressed by his fortitude and fervor, the deities declared, "None shall posses the Dimodine for themself!" and placed it in a certain place to observe it.  

Coveted Dimodine

There was one whose name has been erased from histories that coveted it above all else. They stole the Dimodine and traveled to the Elemental Chaos. With the Dimodine, they created the Abyss, using the power of the deities and the unbridled swelling of the chaos to begin placing layer upon layer.  

Demons Birthing

From this chaos and the Dimodine came the first demons. Baphomet, Dagon, Tiamat, Juiblex, Demogorgon, Zuggtmoy, and others, writhed from its foundations and immediately began to wrest control of the Dimodine.   The unknown thief dropped the Dimodine into the chaos. All dove after it, but one by one they relented as the pain became too much. All but one. The thief dove down and down, vying for it and its power. They were never seen again.  

Layers Eternal

Due to the Elemental Chaos, the Abyss is always descending and never ending, being pulled by the chaos and creating new layers constantly. There may be thousands of empty layers without a ruler followed by planes chock-full of belligerent demons.
Plane of Existence
Alternative Name(s)
The Rift


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