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Fen Szem Wort, Healer of Maladies

Not much is known of this remarkable plant's origin. The common, though infuriating to scholars such as myself, belief is it was found by mere happenstance.   In the far away hamlet of Fen Szem, a score of miles south of Louvryit and west of Tambux, a farmer gashed his shin on his hoe. As he stumbled back to his home, a small green and purple-veined plant tripped him. He hacked the plant to pieces, but bits of it got onto his wound. By the time he was back at his house, the wound had healed and he felt no pain. It's said it took him years to find another of these rare plants.   The true miracle of the thing, however, is its ability, with proper precautions and preparations, to completely restore any humanoid creatures body. Anything from a missing finger, or burned face, or scars from battle, this wort can restore with enough time and substance. These plants' salves are kept under tight lock and key in lord's manor or guarded by a dozen guardsmen while on the traveling road.

Basic Information


Green and purple veined, leafy plant. Has five, white-flecked, low, spade-like leaves.

Genetics and Reproduction

The plant produces seeds exactly on the equinox's 17th of Midvernal and 17th of Midautumn. These seeds are carried away by suspicious winds from no known gale to some unknown and untrackable location. Not even magic means can decipher their location.

Growth Rate & Stages

Only one young plant has ever been captured in the wild — drawn by the beautiful artist Mosely Smallarms of the Riverlands — and its growth was surprisingly quick: three weeks to full maturity. However, when uprooted, a plant never produces any seeds.

Ecology and Habitats

The temperate environment of Fen Szen is ideal. Non-arid environments with plenty of rich soil are ideal.

Dietary Needs and Habits

The exact needs are precisely unclear, though one unanimous thing is known: it must not be uprooted from its soil if it is to survive.

Biological Cycle

At the beginning of Erewinter, the leaves shed and the central piece recedes into itself until the last day of Aftwinter. It is in bloom from two weeks after Aftwinter to two weeks before Erewinter.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Certain species of ferrets can supposedly sniff out Fen Szen Wort. Fortunately, they do not like the taste. If you are on a hunt for Fen Szen and see a ferret you are in the wrong area.
Scientific Name
Chloria Typhon Levius
Conservation Status
Fen Szen Wort is not under any conservation. The scholars who have harvested a plant or a seed to grow for their own cannot seem to keep the plant alive.


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