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Aethestion is a nation that is part of the Aderian Empire.


Aethestion's royal family and nobles are granted power by the Aderi's Emperor. The king or queen of Aethestion have control over most internal affairs, but still have some restrictions placed on them. A small portion of most taxes collected will be paid to Aderi. The ruler of the nation is also unable to wage war on or make peace treaties with other nations.


Aethestion has produced some of the fiercest warriors in history. Fighting is seen as an art and perfecting this art is a great way to gain respect. Most of Aethestion's most well known heroes tacticians, duelists, and mercenaries, which inspires many of its citizens to want to pursue similar career paths.   While it is not feared by most Aethestionans, magic is seen as a deadly weapon that has little use outside of battle. As such, it is common for mages from Aethestion to use magic to either destroy their enemies or shield their allies. It is rare for a Aethestionan to learn any utility spells.


The kingdom of Aethestion was founded in 301 AT by a knight-errant named Reln Ascel. Reln had traveled through most of western Atres, gaining followers through his many acts of strength and courage. As he grew older, he became disinterested in adventuring, and decided to spend the last few decades of his life building a nation for himself, his family, and followers. He named himself king of Aethestion in 303 AT and died in 329 AT.   Aethestion would come under imperial influence in 527 AT. The kingdom was recovering from a famine that had lasted from 505 AT to 521 AT when a small group of knights was accused of stealing a very powerful magic spear from a dragon's hoard in Drakovar. A spy that was in Drakovar at the time had heard of this event and sent word to the emperor of Aderi, who then an envoy to Aethestion. This envoy was instructed to attempt to convince the king of Aethestion to allow his country to become part of the empire. Instead, the king agreed to swear loyalty to the emperor and not fully give his kingdom over. The emperor accepted this offer for reasons that are currently unknown. The document where Aethestion officially became a protectorate¬†of Aderi is called the Scalespear Promise.
Founding Date
301 AT
Geopolitical, Protectorate
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Power Structure
Dependent territory

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