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Uzkesh Mountains

Marking the western border of the Union of Mishtoon, and the Eastern border of the Republic of Castar, the Uzkesh Mountains are part of the larger chain of mountains that cuts the continent of Turoza pretty much in half. Though they are not as tall as the Eira-Gwyn Mountains they back onto to the east, they still loom ominously over the Republic of Castar, and on the clearest days they can just be seen from the tallest towers of the city on the horizon.


Though not the tallest mountains in Turoza, the Uzkesh Mountains are tall enough that their peaks retain a light covering of snow even through the summer months. Their lower flanks are covered in thick deciduous forests, which spreads out into their foothills in Castar, and provide prime timber for the building of ships. The Uzkesh Mountains are territorially within the Union of Mistoon, with the border having been set where the foothills of the Uzkesh Mountains and the mountains proper begin. There are only two roads that run west to east through the Uzkesh Mountains. One of these roads provides a direct link between the Republic of Castar and the Union of Mishtoon, which gives Mishtoon access to trade from the Ocean of Memaran. The other provides a land route through Mishtoon and down into the ‘Free States’ and the Sultanate of Fashaddon beyond.
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