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Most maligned and feared of the deities that have remained in the Pantheon of the North, Fenrisúlfr is a god that few wish to engage with in any meaningful sense, with most turning their thoughts and prayers towards him in an attempt to ward off the shadow of death that he brings. Woe betide those who do not show Fenrisúlfr respect!

Divine Domains

Fenrisúlfr is the god of death, winter and foresight in the Pantheon of the North. When people on the Material Plane die in the north of Turoza, Fenrisúlfr is believed to attempt to eat their souls, as recompense for any evil that they have done in their lifetime, denying them a chance to move on to the next stage of existence, whatever that may be. In addition, Fenrisúlfr has a strong influence over the season of winter, which is often referred to as the ‘death of the year’ in the north of Turoza. Finally, he is also strongly associated with the gift of foresight, which is primarily to do with his ability to sense when death will occur and predict when individuals might die, so that he can be there to feast upon their souls once they are forced out of their bodies.   There are Lectors of Fenrisúlfr, who will often be based on the outskirts and fringes of settlements, partly integrated and partly ostracised from the communities that they exist within. Fenrisúlfr’s Lectors primarily advise the people of their communities on the best offerings of meat to leave out for him upon the death or serious illness of a relative, so that he will accept the offering as opposed to consuming the soul of the deceased. In addition, Lectors of Fenrisúlfr can channel the powers of foresight that belong to their patron, and for a price can give people answers to the questions that they have about their own existence. As well as this, apothecaries, herbalists, surgeons, doctors and others who practice healing and medicine will often have a shrine to Fenrisúlfr, where patients or their families can leave an offering of meat to try and save their loved ones from his hunger.   Because of Fenrisúlfr’s associations, he is the only deity in the Pantheon of the North that is worshipped by the Lupine tribes, Orc tribes and other groups of savage folk that exist in the north of Turoza, something that has the potential to give him an edge over the other deities in the Pantheon, who struggle to connect with the wilder peoples that dwell in the north of the continent.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

The primary symbol of Fenrisúlfr is that of a wolf, rearing on its hind legs, ready to pounce on its next victim. Lectors of Fenrisúlfr will tend to wear the pelt of a wolf as a cloak and headdress to identify them as his servants.


There is no set date for a major feast of Fenrisúlfr, though one is held every year in each community after the first snowfall or heavy frost. The reason for this timing, is that the arrival of the first snow or heavy frost is thought to coincide with the proximity of Fenrisúlfr to the community, something that should not be treated lightly, lest he stay and feed on the community.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

Fenrisúlfr’s goal that drives all of his activities is quite simple, he wishes to feed. His insatiable hunger drives him to seek out the souls of the deceased, and to draw on the energy that is expelled through the passing of plant and animals during the winter months. Though considered to be the darkest of the Pantheon’s deities, he is still tolerated by Njördr and the others, as he clearly fits into the natural passage of life on the Material Plane, and he can be a useful force when directed in the right way. Fenrisúlfr has the strongest relationship with Thorfor, who he will often trail, knowing that when Thorfor leaves his hall on the Celestial Plane there is bound to be blood spilt and creatures slain on the Material Plane below.
Divine Classification

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