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Tempestuous god of war and conflict in the Pantheon of the North, Thorfor’s presence is truly felt on the battlefields of the north, where he is even claimed to have appeared on occasion, to revel in the excitement and energy of battle.

Divine Domains

Of all the gods and goddesses that make up the Pantheon of the North, Thorfor is the one who is dedicated to war and conflict in all of its forms. That does not mean that he also has influence over death, and he does not claim to have such a power, but instead he delights in the chaotic energy that is produced in a fight, and the unrivalled gluttony of a victory feast that follows. In addition, Thorfor is heavily associated with honour, and honourable conduct and does not condone violence against innocents, preferring instead fair fights between those who are prepared to fight for their nation, or something that they hold dear. Thorfor is well known for lending aid to those he feels are being attacked by unscrupulous people, or those using underhand tactics.   Thorfor is rarely worshipped in any fixed from, and his Lectors are rarely seen except in times of conflict. There are no permanent temples or shrines to Thorfor, except for those that have been built on the sights of significant battles, as no community wants to deliberately draw Thorfor’s eye, lest war should follow. Most people only see Lector’s of Thorfor them when they appear in war camps ahead of battles. When encountered outside of battlefields it is thought to be a bad omen to encounter a Lector of Thorfor, as it is likely something violent may befall those who come across them. If a priest of Thorfor ever comes near a settlement, they are often treated to a lavish feast, accompanied by sacrifices by the townspeople, to try and divert the eye of Thorfor.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

The two symbols most regularly associated with Thorfor are an arm raised in a fist and an axe. Lector’s of Thorfor are distinguishable by the fact that they all carry shields emblazoned with the symbols, carry a ceremonial axe and wear sleeveless robes, that allow them to make the sign of the raised fist. Lector’s of Thorfor will have their forearms tattooed with the name of Thorfor, to hammer home their association.


There are no official holidays for Thorfor in any of the northern kingdoms and nations who adhere to the Pantheon of the North. Instead, he is regularly sacrificed to before battles, skirmishes, sieges and martial contests, in an effort to bring favour to the participant, and this will almost always be followed up by sacrifices after such an event, to give thanks for the deliverance of the survivors from battle. Nations will often hold impromptu festivals dedicated to Thorfor either upon the declaration of war and beginning of a significant conflict, or at the end of a significant conflict.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

For Thorfor, the only goal that he has in his divine existence is to fight alongside the soldiers of those who recognise him as a deity. On the occasions when two nations who recognise him come into conflict he will regularly flit between supporting the two sides, protecting and emboldening those who carry themselves with exemplary bravery and conduct during the battle. Those who attract the favour of Thorfor are often divinely supported by him to become great warriors, and Thorfor’s hall on the Celestial Plane is said to be full of tapestry depictions telling of the brave and bold deeds of his favourites.
Divine Classification

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