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Perhaps the most free and relaxed of all of the Pantheon of the North's deities, Bragi’s passion is the arts; music, drama, poetry, and the more nefarious arts of illusion, trickery and espionage.

Divine Domains

For Bragi, music, drama, poetry, illusion and trickery are his main areas of influence and expertise, which means that he is predominantly worshipped by musicians, wandering bards, entertainers and those with less than honest or legal intentions in mind. This, compounded with the fact that Bragi has no dedicated cult centres, nor any officially ordained Lectors, means that he is often looked down upon by the other deities in the Pantheon of the North, and viewed as a trouble maker.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

The two main symbols associated with Bragi are the Harp and the Raven, which represent his areas of interest and influence. Those dedicated to Bragi will often wear jewellery showing one or both of the symbols, with the wearing of Raven necklaces made out of jet being particularly common. Many musicians in the north of Turoza will often have a Raven carved into the body of their instruments somewhere.


There are no official holidays to Bragi, but he is perhaps the god in the Pantheon who has the most impromptu, private celebrations held in his honour. Enter any household or place of merriment and entertainment in the north of Turoza and stay there for long enough, and you will invariably see a group of merry, indulgent revellers dedicating their excesses to Bragi.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

Bragi’s main goal in his divine existence is the enjoyment of life, and this is reflected in the livelihoods of his followers. Just as Thorfor thrives off the energy given off and exerted in battle, Bragi revels in the sound of music, the ebb and flow of poetry, a masterfully delivered scene the mystery of a well-crafted illusions, and any well-made or executed deception. This can lead many people to believe that Bragi is nothing but a god of excess, dishonesty, gluttony and idleness, which has led many to wonder why he is even tolerated by the other deities of the Pantheon, whose areas on interest and influence seem much more serious and powerful than those that interest Bragi. The answer lies in the fact that Bragi is well versed in the arts of intrigue, more so than any of the other deities in the Pantheon of the North. Bragi knows that he and his devotees can gain far more information, far more easily than the stuffy or haughty Lectors of the other gods and goddesses, and this makes him very valuable to the rest of the Pantheon, Njördr in particular, who regularly asks Bragi to ply his trade to bring him useful information.
Divine Classification

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