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Ka'Poka are unusual creature. They almost look as if somebody enlarged a parrot and it became too heavy to fly.
Bestial Races

Animal Basis



A Standard, Tier 1 Race

Medium Humanoid

Subtype(s): Beast

Speed: Standard 30ft, Climb 15ft.

Natural Armour: 10

Sences: Standard 120ft, Nightvison 120ft.

Ability Scores

+4 Total: +2 Con, +2 Wis.

Natural Attack(s)


To Hit: 1d20+1+Str/Dex | On Hit: 1d2+Str Bldgeoning Damage | 2x Critical

Racial Proficiencies

Athletics, Perception

Racial Languages

Kapoi, Comon

Racial Features

Alternative Racial Features

The following features can be take in place of standard racial features.


Future Vision

Inner power grants you a vision of the future, and though in most cases only a few moments ahead it can mean the difference between success and failure. As a bonus action, you may cancel any action you make, leaving it simply as a vision of what might have been.  


You have quite the build upon you, though it may not be all raw muscle it can come in handy from time to time. Due to you bulk any creature of equals sizer or smaller to you has disadvantage on any checks made to move you. In addition, you have advantage against any saving throws from spells or abilities that try to move you.

Racial Feats

You may pick any one of the following racial feats in place of an ordinary feat upon reaching the appropriate level.


Racial Heritages

Block Link: Ka'Poka [URS]


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