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Ullthwaygon is home to many bizarre and dangerous creatures. From monsters of the deep to aerial rodents, the lands are covered with the possibility of danger around every corner. Here you will find just a portion of such creatures.  


Natural Creatures.
  Largely detached from fantasy, these creatures could feasibly be found in most realistic settings. Thought this does by no means not exclude them from appearing in realms of fantasy.


Supernatural Creatures
  Any naturally occurring creatures bosting supernatural abilities. From simple beast with magical powers to vindictive, calculated aberrations hungry for blood.


Corruptions of Nature
  The natural result of metaphysical corruption upon the virtues of nature. Fiends are all the things that go bump in the night.  
Living creatures of mostly flesh and blood that form a natural or supernatural part of the world. Here you will find everthing from simple Animals to raging Monsters. The results of crruption upon the natural world in the form of Fiends and the most powerful aspects of nature withinn Anvhigire.




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