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Giving of Baskets


A Time of Healing
This tradition began as a way of rebuilding the city of Tarynhall after it had been sacked by undead. In an attempt to rebuild the community of the city and form new bonds. The tradition takes place once a month during the winter. Neighbors will pair up and on the first day of the month, they will exchange a basket of their meals that are passed on through their families.   Inception and Reception
While rebuilding, the Merchant Queen and Saint Rayne thought the sharing of cultures through food would help build trust and community in the city once again. In Rayne's draconic culture, clutch mates often share meals together, even years later when they are adults. When she had mentioned this to the Queen, they talked sat and talked about how to possibly use a similar gesture to rebuild the community.   While it took some time for certain parts of the community to adapt, especially for those without stable housing, the local guilds opened their kitchens and living quarters to the public. Over the years this event had brought healing to those who had lost so much. Eventually it became so well received custom throughout the city it was declared an official holiday.


Neighbors will gather the weekend before the first day of the next month and draw names out of a wicker basket. The day of the holiday, families will wake up early in the morning to prepare the meal that were passed down to them and they will give them to the neighbor they had drawn from the basket.


The Giving of Baskets takes place on the first day of each month during winter. The baskets are given to neighbors at the lunch hour.

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