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My world was initially brought up as a pitch for my homebrew DND game. Over three and a half years, it has turned into a world changed by heroism and villainy. Originally an economy and political structure dominated by the elven empire with the human empire struggling to keep up. Now both sides are recovering from different assaults from supernatural forces. Humans from a vampire coup on local government and the elves from a druid wielding a dark tome of power.   Illendor, to West and Elleryn to the East, both of these countries were caught between the heroes Arma Lucis and the villains that sought to bring the continent to its knees. Over the past 4 years, the landscape has given way to these confrontations, some parts of this beautiful world forever changed.   Peace had come....for a time...now a new generation of heroes must stop an eternal winter from engulfing the continent. The nights are filled with freezing temperatures and sickness.   Only time will tell how many survive the long winter.


Winter in Elleryn

Dungeons & Dragons 5e

The land is freezing, people are getting ill and the Elleryn Royal family needs your help.

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