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Ghoul Iron


Material Characteristics

Dull silver like color with black streaks that fork like lightning across the metal.


Ghoul Iron contains a roughly 50% Iron and 50% blood of ghouls.

Origin & Source

Ghoul Iron was created roughly 400 years ago in the Mountain of the Ghoul King. When Mordecai, the Ghoul King had gathered an army of ghouls after the death of Helfax the Lich, he experimented in creating new metals with the intention of making armor that would protect and preserve the ghouls that were under his protection.

Development and Creation
With the help of tomes retrieved from Helfax's Ziggurat, Mordecai discovered that with enough practice his end goals were possible. Soon after Mordecai had finished his research, he sent his ghouls to search the mountain for possible magma vents. When a cluster of vents were located, forges were built above them. The trees atop the mountain were cut down and carried into the caves of the mountain to further fuel the forges.

Next, Mordecai and his ghouls spent months looking for iron veins throughout the mountain. After they had gathered enough iron to begin production, the ghoul king watched over the iron as it was melted down and spoke an incantation as he performed a ritual. First Mordecai cut his hand and added his black blood to the melting pots.

"Blood and iron, one and the same, carry my will, carry my name"

Mordecai added his blood to the melting pot until it had weakened him. Afterwards, other ghouls did so until the melting pot was full. The blood of a hundred of ghouls helped fulfill Mordecai's ritual. When the bars were poured from the pot and finally cooled, they had turned out better than Mordecai could have hoped for. A beautiful dull silver with streaks of black running through the bar like a dark river.

The necrotic energies that maintained Mordecai and the ghouls of the mountain had permeated the essence of the iron. With this new invention of metallurgy and magic, Mordecai planned to harness this 'Ghoul Iron' to outfit every ghoul with armor and weapons. Specifically made for them, carrying the will of the Ghoul King down to it's last atom.

Life & Expiration

Known Causes of Destruction or Deterioration
Deterioration of this metal is nearly non-existant while necrotic energy is mixed into the metal. The metal or object formed from it would have to be melted down at near magma temperatures in order to breaker it down. While the metal resides in the mountain of the Ghoul King, it is near indestructible.
Alternatives for Destruction
Although, it is rumored that a cleric of a good aligned deity could possibly remove the necrotic energies of the Ghoul Iron. Additionally, if the metal was introduced to a sufficient amount of force energy, it could disrupt the necrotic energies that permeate the metal. Such a disruption could cause the metal to crack or become brittle.

History & Usage


A majority of information that exists was passed along by adventurers who fled or somehow survived the tunnels under the mountain. For the majority, the world outside of the mountain only knows of the dangers of the weapons and armors wielded by the ghouls of the mountain. Many have described their armor as hard and impenetrable as adamantine.


Mordecai the Ghoul King, was the first to develop and use ghoul iron.


In order for the metal to be what the Ghoul King originally devised, it requires the magical ritual and the blood of a hundred cools. Without the necrotic energy being combined into the metal pot from the blood of ghouls, the metal will be brittle and not set properly when poured into ingots or moldings.

Manufacturing & Products

A majority of Ghoul Iron was used to make breastplates and helms for the ghouls that inhabit their home mountain. There were also a set of eight swords that were made for the Ghoul King's guardsmen.

Byproducts & Sideproducts

The production of the metal, specifically the mixing of blood into the melting pot, causes a noxious gas to fill the area.


The combination of intense heat and necrotic energies causes a release of toxic gases that are hazardous or even fatal to most living creatures. Without proper ventilation, the gases will build up over time and cause the surrounding areas to be uninhabitable by living creatures.

Environmental Impact

Over time, the forests that used to span over the Mountain of the Ghoul King disappeared. The manufacturing process and releasing of toxic gases killed vegetation around the mountain.


Trade & Market

Many guilds and black market handlers have put out requests to retrieve a single bar or item crafted with ghoul iron.
Unique, Legendary
Smells of decaying flesh when at its melting point
Silver with streaks of black sediment
Melting / Freezing Point
3420 Celcius


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