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Finnosan's Fantastic Insight


When the 10 minute casting in the ritual circle is completed, the caster gets a faster version of the last 24 hours of events that the item was involved in and events that transpired within a 30 foot radius of the item. The caster can both see and hear what has transpired within the 30 foot radius. The vision plays out very quickly (like using x16 fast forward on a movie or tv show) and under normal circumstances you cant understand the words that are being said without slowing time.  The caster can pick and choose moments to slow down time and listen to conversations and events more clearly as well but must first pass a Constitution DC of 11 + 1 for every minute you try to slow down events of the past. Making consequential checks at the end of every minute. You can slow down the time of vision for up to a total of 10 minutes. On a successful check you successfully slow down the vision (or keep them slowed down) and listen more clearly to conversations and clearly view past events. On a failed check, the spell ends.

6th level spell: The past 24 hours of an object
7th level spell: The past week of an object
8th level spell: The past month of an object
9th level spell: The lifetime of an object

Side/Secondary Effects

The caster can experience bouts of vertigo for a short time after the spell has been completed.


When the spell completes and activates, whisps of magic envelope your eyes and overtake your mind briefly experiences the sensation of falling backwards as the vision granted by the magic takes hold of your senses.


This spell pulls from the temporal energy that permeates objects as a side effect from being touched by living beings. Binding this energy to the divination school of the arcane grants insight into the objects past.


Colos Finnosan was a mage who lived in the city of Tarynhall. For a time he let his powers and intellect in the arcane fade away. Be as accomplished as he was at an early age left him with little to no passion to learn. Though after meeting numerous groups of adventurers, his interest in the arcane was reinvigorated. Colos decided to create something new, something that no one had made before, on this plane or any other.

Development and Creation
Thus Colos decided on the school of divination. He had always been interested in time and the flow of it. Shortly after he had decided on this route for his new spells, he had gone to the Tarynhall market to meet a colleague for tea. When he paid for the tea and received his change, he noticed that one of the coins he had received had a notch in it. He had wondered how this coin was damaged but wanted to see the specific thing that caused it. All of a sudden, it clicked. He knew what effects he wanted his new spell to have and he had an idea of how to achieve them.

Colos focused on drawing out the energy of objects and focusing them into a spell circle. He had thought about similar spells that gave the user information on an items past but he wanted to experience events that the item was involved in and what the area around it contributed to those events.

Colos tried for months with no success of what he wanted to achieve. He kept thinking about the energies that surround and permeate objects during their lifetime. Ley lines could affect rivers and lands. Lightning during a storm could destroy certain objects or imbue specific metals with part of its energy. When Colos had thought of lightning, he began to hyper focus on the energy left behind. Then one morning when he awoke, he knocked a tea cup off of his night stand. He looked at the shattered glass on the ground for a moment and came to a realization. He needed to access a specific energy in the object.

So he started to come up with a divination ritual circle that had a small secret. The circle he developed had two smaller circles inside it. One for the caster and one for the object, but these two smaller circles were drawn with runes from the evocation school of magic. He wanted to access the temporal energy left behind by people in objects. So using evocation came as the next natural step to him in this process to tap into the energy that was left behind. With a small bowl of jade, a leaf of ginseng and a crushed flourite to assist in focusing both the divination and evocation energies of the spell, he used the spell to confirm that he was indeed to blame for leaving his tea cup on the nightstand.

  Shortly After
Coincidentally, shortly after he developed this spell, Colos was was unfortunately killed by an arcane time traveler. Whether it was the great irony of the universe or a planned assassination, was never discovered.
Material Components
You require crushed flourite of at least 5 silver value to help provide clarity. A leaf of ginseng to help provide alertness. These two materials must be burned in a jade bowl of at least 50 gold value, the jade provides healing and stability so that the caster isn't overtaken by the power of the divination.
Gestures & Ritual
There are two circles to be drawn inside a ritual circle. The center circle for the user to sit with their material components and the second smaller circle in front of them for the target item.
Related Discipline
Wizards specializing in Divination or Evocation. Either of these spell schools helps the user tap into the temporal energy that permeates objects.
Related School
Related Element
Temporal Energy
Effect Duration
10 minutes
Effect Casting Time
10 minutes
6th level spell - 9th level spell
Applied Restriction
The caster cannot be under the effects of any curses, poisons or effects that might cause losses of concentration. The caster must be free to breath during the duration of the spell. Pulling the caster out of the spell early can cause psychic damage to the caster in question.


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