Taegrin's Artifact

  Miss! I lost Taegrin's artifact.. He's gonna kill me isn't he? Then murder my family. Then find Hoen and have her rip my insides out and use them as a new poison flavouring and then and then and then ...
  Do you think I could not be killed if I find Reagan?
  *h // |
  Okay, I hid the tab while Taegrin came in. After him calming me down with cookies, I think I'll have to write an apology letter. But, as if it was written by Reagan? Or by Hoen? Umm, let's give it a shot. (Please tell me if it will work or if I need to rewrite it.)

Apology Letter

Awemonth the 5th, Year 50 of the Century of the Nymphs, 26th Cycle
  Dear Taegrin, I must inform you of the process of discovery I have found when lent your precious artifact.
  At first, I was spending time with it, watching the light reflect off the dragonfish scale encapsulated on the inside of the artifact. There is more reflection when it is in the water, just as is true of dragonfish scales on living dragonfish (as I'm sure you already know, but I did confirm with Tish that this is true). I took it to the Depths and its reflection properties are just they are in the Shallows. Pinks, blue, purples and pale orange coloured my room as I set off to sleep.
  Then we had a couple of days doing a bunch of observation experiments and reseaching and you have all that from then so there was that. (I still don't know why you hadn't figured out that the was a tiny door you could open and put something like a very small photo or drops of blood or a looly or something).
  I took your artifact to the Underground when we went for the tasting. I figured you would rather me have it closer to where you are than leave it in my room or the Uni library offices. Even though I hid from you.
  Um, so after that I bumped into the Technology Fairy and we... chatted (there was lots of playing too, and some things maybe were misplaced). I found out some information about this too. There are a bunch of spells on it, though they were cast a lot of years ago. This isn't a new artifact made for you, but maybe for your family or something. It would be good to get an Elf to look at it, although their might be some Fairy and Mermaid magic spells locked into too. I think they are just meant to protect you though, so don't worry.
  I went to The Destill and ate a lot of food. Then back to see Miss Technology Fairy and her work subordinates. They were really fun and I got to test lots of things. I had to take everything off of me to describe the feeling of a sea sponge cake topped with Spice and edible river flowers. Most of that was put into boxes with more snacks (particularly the failed experiments) and after catching a differnt cab back first I put everything in the back of my food closet for later and then I came to work and tried to trick you that everything was fine but I was searching for where I put the artifact of yours and I even called The Destill and the technology company and Technology Fairy directly and, and, I'm sorry.
  *Bows deeply*
Um, I think I need help...

It wasn't in the snack boxes?
What snack boxes? ...
Haha, I found it miss.
... I don't need to send this to him right?
Were you not meant to be with Taegrin the whole time you were in the Underground?
Ummmmm... I may have given him some of Reagan's notes I found in the Great Forest when he was getting anoying?
And you just waited 'till now?
Yes. Most of them. I still a few left for next time.
Please make copies of them, at least, as soon as you can. They may help the higher leveled KLO's find Reagan.
... I saw your emails. You lost my artifact?
Sc*llop's f*ot.
Ahhh. *cries* No more! No More! I'm sorry.
Find Reagan.
*cries* okay....
I'll make a request to ad Mimi to the team searching for Reagan. *Sighs*... What did I do to get this position?
  Council Notes
How did Mimi get so many notes from Reagan? Hoen has been a posoinous mess and guarding Reagan's house preciously since he's been missing? Also, can she get more?
Also, give Mimi's supervisor a raise. She has been dealing with most of the Nymphs (and other troublesome trainees) for the last 300 years.

For the Library of the Depths

Observation Log of KLO Mimi Lakes: Forest Elf Nobility's Artifact

Awemonth the 7th, Year 50 of the Century of the Nymphs, 26th Cycle
  Okay, so, I think that the artifacts held by Elven Nobility ward against mind magic, as the Technology Fairy used mind magic on me in Chronos. But I remember ... abunch of stuff... like, a lot of the things she told me (when I was paying attention). Things that I wrote you last time (like her family being alive and Chronos needing Faity magic to run and her magic technology wings actually having Fairy magic constantly maintaining them as her 'secret fuel ingredient' that isn't specific on the wings blueprints).
  (Also, I've just attached my KLO stuff, so you can just use that for the rest of the letter).
Thank you Mimi, this has some interesting things, although the format is not pleasant. Also, don't just mention things you've done with 'Taegrin' and then leave them out. I hope you are not favouring a simple Forest Elf over our entire civilisation?
  You must have left out a page or two from your last letter, as I have not heard of these 'magic technology wings'.
  As always, don't forget to keep our city secret Mimi. I hope you have rid all these notes and letters to us, including this one.
Kind Regards
Oh? Didn't I add this:
by TaraFaeBelle


Author's Notes

The images of Mimi, Taegrin and the Supervisor's faces were created using Artbreeder.

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